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Nothing heralds the season quite like a Christmas wreath pinned onto the front do. It creates some magical Christmas cheer. As a result, it’s no wonder this much-loved Christmas decoration never goes out of fashion.

Do you enjoy crafts? Then consider one way to create a business this holiday season: wreaths. Check out this list of Christmas wreath ideas to make and sell.

Christmas Wreath Ideas

White Christmas Wreath

White flowers offer one way to create a timeless, Christmassy vibe. For example, make a wreath that stands out by adorning it with artificial soft-white magnolia flowers. Surround that with bright-red Christmas berries. And complete the design with artificial burgundy hydrangeas.

Bulb Wreaths

DIY Christmas wreaths to sell don’t have to be made from natural materials. On the contrary, Christmas wreaths made out of trendy items, such as vintage lightbulbs are likely to be a desirable item to buy for anyone looking for a super-trendy and eye-catching festive wreath.

Magnolia Wreath

One of the most effective Christmas wreath ideas is to make the decoration out of large, green and glossy magnolia leaves. These dark green leaves, which are fondly associated with the festive month, make the perfect complement to other Christmassy materials, such as fir and pinecones.

Gold Winter Wreath

Gold is a popular festive color that can be used to decorate a wreath, so it radiates Christmas cheer. Simply cover artificial leaves and flowers with a gold spray and add some gold glitter to create a wreath designed to sparkle this Christmas.

Festive Star Wreath

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without star decorations being strewn round the home. One of the most effective DIY Christmas wreath ideas would be to capitalize on people’s love for star decorations by making a large star shape out of wire and then adorning it in Christmas delights such as mistletoe, red berries, and ivy.

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Bauble Wreaths

Be inventive with Christmas baubles and use this much-loved festive decoration to create a super-stylish, unusual wreath for people to hang in their homes with pride.

Frosty Winter Wreath

Add a touch of frost to your DIY wreath collection to sell to ensure people have a diverse choice of wreaths to buy. These easy-to-make frosty winter wreaths are made by placing sticks, twigs and pinecones together to form a circular shape and then applying a light covering of white spray paint and a sprinkle of glitter.

Cotton Spool Wreath

One of the most unique and quirky Christmas wreath ideas is to make a decoration made out of cotton spools. People won’t be able to resist this cute-looking wreath made from vintage cotton spools, tied together with festive red ribbon.

Woolly Wreath

Another unusual DIY wreath idea is to make the decoration out of wool. Repurpose a woolly jumper that’s past its sell-by-date into a truly unusual and sellable item.

Tartan Wreath

Tartan in traditional festive colors of greens and reds, never fail to create a festive impact at any home. Cater for the desire to embellish homes in tartan at Christmas by selling handmade tartan wreaths. Add an extra jingle onto the wreath by attaching two bells on the tartan.

Striped Ribbon Wreath

Appeal to buyers who struggle to attach a wreath onto their front door by making the decoration available with a striped ribbon attached to the wreath. Not only with the striped ribbon create an unusual contemporary look, but it will also mean the wreath can be attached to a door or other type of surface with greater ease.

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Bow Wreath

Another of the most delightfully different DIY Christmas wreath ideas, would be to sell bow wreaths. Turn your gift wrapping, bow making skills into a desirable item to sell by attaching brightly-colored bows around a circular wreath template.

Mini Wreath

Wreaths don’t have to be big to make an impact. Instead, focus on creating small wreaths. Buyers will adore them for their cute and distinct look.

Bells and Bows Wreath

There’s nothing quite like bells and bows to get people in the mood for Christmas. Get creative with these beloved Christmas items by gluing bells and bows to a wreath made from artificial leaves to sell a decoration nobody will be able to resist.

Straw Burst Wreath

Get super inventive with straws and make a wreath made from red and white straws so customers own a decoration that really turns heads when people pass by their front door.


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