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Ohio based IM Consultant Services (IMCS), a local Cincinnati SEO company, is pleased to announce that they now offer the Pervasive Presence™ framework to businesses in the area. This is intended to help entrepreneurs execute their local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts more effectively.

“IMCS has engineered the Pervasive Presence™ framework based on a lot of research and real-world testing to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) become the consumer’s choice in the local marketplace. Once the Pervasive Presence™ framework is applied to a business, the Pervasive Presence™ engine is also developed to make it a powerful method of attracting a steady stream of local customers,” says Mike Marko from IMCS.

As noted on the company’s website, the Pervasive Presence™ framework is a method that focuses on transforming businesses into omnipresent, relevant, and intimate entities when it comes to their online marketing efforts. Marco says that the program extends over a 90 day period, and is broken down into three levels to help entrepreneurs identify at what stage they need to begin implementing Pervasive Presence™ to effectively utilize the framework in attracting local customers.

Marko explains that the first stage consists of focusing on three of the most important online marketing elements, including having a website, Google business and Maps presence, and local SEO strategy. “You need to establish your identity online with the help of an attractive and responsive website. In two to three seconds, a visitor should be able to identify your brand, the products and services that you offer, and how they can contact you. Secondly, you have to claim your Google My Business and pin your location in Google Maps. These two are some of the most underutilized tools, but once properly linked together, they can significantly help to build-up your local business. Next, the goal of combining local SEO with Google My Business and Google Maps is to help ensure that you appear on the top of the search results in the long term,” he said.

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Marko continued that the second stage to having a Pervasive Presence™ is by utilizing Google Adwords. “While you may be able to put together a website and get a Google Business profile going, trying Google Ads without experience can cause you to waste a lot of time and money. It is important to have a company that is known for getting Adwords results to help you. IMCS can work with you to setup and maintain your Google Ads,” he affirmed.

Lastly, Marko explains that the third and last step to implementing the framework is by focusing on the omnipresence aspect of Pervasive Presence™ on social media. “Social media plays a huge role in building or breaking a brand nowadays; that’s why it is very important to have an active and positive presence on major platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Social media marketing is not just for posting contents and statuses. It also gives you a chance to communicate and have a two-way conversation with your customers. Furthermore, you can monitor other successful companies on the same niche as yours so you can learn how to better interact with potential customers and gain a strong social media following,” he said.

The company specializes in local search engine optimization Cincinnati and offers a number of online business advertising solutions, including the Pervasive Presence™, branding, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), website development, graphic design, social media marketing, business consulting, and more. Those looking to expand their internet marketing capabilities may connect with IMCS by visiting their website or calling the agency’s hotline.

One of their satisfied clients, Chelsea M., said, “IMCS has helped my career tremendously. Mike Marko has helped me rank my business in Google, increase traffic through social media, and taught me so much about marketing and business in general. I cannot thank him enough for the help that he and and his team from IMCS has given me. I highly recommend working with them because they really know how to deliver great results. I have already achieved ROI with my business and IMCS is definitely the driving force behind it.”

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More information about IMCS can be found on their website. Interested parties searching for local Cincinnati SEO services may also connect with Marko and his team through their official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, to stay up to date with their latest news and important announcements.


For more information about IM Consultant Services, contact the company here:

IM Consultant Services
Mike Marko
[email protected]
PO Box 62451
Cincinnati, OH 45262

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