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Local search engine optimization is vital for content marketing; it is a powerful tool used to bring traffic to your enterprise’s outlet and direct them towards your sales funnel. Through local SEO, many customers search for local products on mobile devices; that is why any business must invest in efficient campaigns. However, there are various mistakes that business owners make while attempting to adjust local browser optimization, but that doesn’t mean we can’t figure it out. Here are several common local SEO mistakes that you probably need to correct.

Using Low-quality Content

Google aims to provide high-quality content to its users that answers their questions in the best possible way. Therefore, if your web page contains more valuable information that can attract, engage, or retain clients, it will be more preferred. In my business pages, I have tried my best to develop high-quality content; I like to think about what my audience wants and produce the appropriate information. It would be best if you review your web pages to ensure they are at least 500 words since websites with more content provide more information and have high ranking possibilities. Additionally, you can hire professional writers to handle your business content for you correctly.

Duplicate Listings

According to Google, providing similar information creates a wrong impression on the readers; thus, they don’t offer identical details in the search engines. Ensure you only have a single business profile page to prevent duplicate listings. I once thought that having multiple business profiles would generate more traffic; surprisingly, it negatively affected my business profile ranking. I realized that it only confuses your audience as they try to figure out which listing actuary belongs to your enterprise.

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Lack of Quality Links

Most people rely on their business profile page optimization and citations, but you should consider investing in other relevant links to enhance your site rankings. Google uses links in their ranking strategy, and getting linkages from other material and high-quality websites would be helpful. You could also be using ineffective anchor texts; avoid using the same words severally or ‘click here’ as an anchor text. Make it more involving to signify to your readers what the hyperlink is all about.

Using Incorrect Keywords

You might be using incorrect keywords that can’t show up in your target client’s search feed. It would be best if you focused on the intent and competition level while choosing a keyword. You can also contact local SEO service providers to get the right keywords. Note that you can’t draw the attention of your target audience without using relevant local keywords. Select your keyword and attach your target location.

Lack of Header tags

Meta descriptions and title tags are crucial in SEO optimization, and omitting them can lead to missed prospects for your content. Search engines highly consider them when crawling through your web page, and if appropriately applied, it can improve your content performance. It would help if you also enhanced your H1 tags appropriately so the search engines can classify your content accordingly. Developing H1 tags with keywords concerning your page content improves your SEO. It is also essential to include image tags that allow search bots to read the alt tags in your pages.

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There is nothing more fulfilling than getting to the top of the search engine rankings. It takes commitment and hard work; however, you can still miss out on any of the above essential tactics. Fortunately, if you avoid them, you can gain the attention of people who live or travel in a nearby location, by influencing the local SEO sphere.

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This article was written by Sinead McCarthy of the Northside for Business campus. Sinead helps small to medium size businesses in the early stages of growth establish their presence online. She has found that optimizing for Local SEO is an excellent strategy for new websites to improve click through rates and increase sales.

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