Competitor paying for branded Google Ads : marketing

Competitor paying for branded Google Ads : marketing

Hi marketers,

A common problem with not so common solutions.

Acme Services Pty Ltd is an Australian company and has GMB, and is organically ranking in position one for a branded search for “Acme services”.

A much larger competitor has launched Google Ads, appearingly triggered for searches containing “Acme services”.

What solutions are available to counter this? For example?

  1. Run branded Google Ads to compete against them.

  2. Report the ad to Google, but what’s the actual breach if there’s no trademakr or copyright?
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  3. Engage a lawyer and possibly a cease and desist? Though I’m not sure the grounds as there’s no Trademark breach or Copyright infringement.

  4. A complaint to Fair Trading / ACCC etc. for anti-competitive behaviour? But again, there’s no copyright or trademark breach.

Any other suggestions?

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