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The latest trends to make websites more visible within search engines are pointing towards content optimization through voice commands. Every day, it is increasingly common to ask Alexa about a world event or to tell Siri to present a summary of the news while driving compared to typing a keyword into Google. There are millions of websites around the world and the competition between digital media is extremely intense. All try to capitalize on more visits, and for that, they are adjusting to the demands of the market, one in which the speed and immediacy of information is increasingly appreciated.

SEO is fundamental for pages that want to have an efficient organic positioning on the Internet. Until now, websites optimized their content through keywords related to what the user typed, shortening the phrases in many cases. With the increased use of mobile devices, the scene has changed for content creators and digital marketing experts, who are beginning to use tools that allow better positioning through voice commands.

The options consumers can use have increased thanks to new technologies, which allow Internet users to save time and search for information while performing other tasks. “Voice command searches are on the rise. Marketing strategies must aim for that more strongly, both for social networks and for online advertising and web pages,” points out Kayra Suarez, digital marketing expert.

What are the habits in voice command searches?

Google handles the statistic of 20% of voice queries through Android and it is estimated that, in a short time, the division will be 50-50. Companies have made an effort to present greater precision in recognition to satisfy consumers. The rapid changes in user habits and needs may go unnoticed by content developers and publishers, who focus on analyzing current events rather than changing the direction of online marketing tools.

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Suarez notes that the change in strategies has been presented in a moderate way. “The websites of large companies have adapted very well to mobile devices, but in general the pages are not responsive”; without optimization in their design and in their SEO resources, they are missing opportunities to generate more traffic and obtain more profits.

What aspects do search engines consider?

In the optimization of web pages for voice search, it is necessary to pay attention to the habits of people on the Internet. One of the main aspects is the use of long-tail keywords and questions to consult information. Google’s algorithm for voice not only considers keywords, but also values context, intention and semantics, providing better search-result positioning to the pages that the search engine interprets as more interesting and useful for the user.

The use of natural language is important to obtain a good positioning through voice command. While the written word uses shorter or more robotic phrases, for oral language it is more common to express a question in a full sentence.

Although queries in search engines are made in written form more frequently, the trend is towards an increase in the voice option, due to the development of more advanced mobile devices, more access to the internet on smartphones and the development of alternatives more related to conversation.

The future of digital media and assistants

Whether you search through Windows Cortana, Baidu Duer, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Assistant, websites try to have better positioning and visibility. The portals must be updated knowing the opportunities provided by technology for business.

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At the moment, not all information, commercial or leisure platforms have adapted their content to SEO by voice command, and it is expected that in a short time this type of search will hold the same status as written text, so those who implement it in time will take the lead.

In web development, it is essential to start with clear objectives, understanding the target audience and the requirements to be met. According to Suarez, user experience is fundamental in these moments and towards that point the companies should be oriented. “In order to adapt in an ideal way, they must be designed under the fundamentals of UX design, and most of them are very far from that”.

In order to create improved results, it is also necessary to maintain a solid online reputation recognized by the algorithms, generating trust, relevance and authority. One of the main points to be exploited by the virtual media is the diversity in content, not only in the topics covered, but also in the formats, being able to show that channels that offer videos, text and images is favorable.

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