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If you are serious about making money from your website then it is important to have a heat mapping tool like Crazy Egg.

Crazy Egg lets you see where, when and how visitors have been interacting on your website. It offers you great options for landing pages and it gives you an insight into what people are doing on your website – something that you would not normally be able to see on your own. Using a script like Crazy Egg will allow you to see how much business is drawn to your landing page and what you can do to improve your results.

Do I Have a Landing Page?

This is a question that only you can answer about your advertising. You would know if you have one, but they are a great tool for you to have if you want to advertise or market your particular products. A landing page is a great tool that fills the gap in between your ad and the product you promote. It is a page that visitors are sent directly to when they click on your ad. You can put your reasons for why you love the product and why they should buy the product to ensure that they will go onto the next step (the product you’re advertising) and buy it.

What is this Crazy Egg?

Crazy Egg is basically a site mapping software. It works in combination with your landing page to show you how many visitors visited, clicked or scrolled right through your website or landing page. It is an invisible script that your visitors will not be able to see, but it will pick up on everything that they do on your website…from clicks to scrolls and everything in between. It is a great software tool that will allow you to become more successful with your landing page.

Crazy Eggs Different Views

Unlike many different visitor mapping scripts that have been written, Crazy Egg is not all about boring numbers, charts and graphs that will likely confuse you more than they help. They offer 4 different ways that you can see how many visitors visited your site and what they did on there. These different views will give you an idea of what visitors have done and they will be extremely easy for you to understand. Make sure that you use the one that feels most comfortable to you and the one that you understand the most. You can choose from these four different views.

  1. Heatmap view
  2. Scroll
  3. Confetti
  4. Overlay

Heatmap View


The heatmap that Crazy Egg provides to its users gives them an opportunity to see where their visitors have been, where they have clicked and what they have not clicked on. It is a great tool for beginners because it gives them an exact visual of where visitors have clicked and which parts of the page are hotspots for visitors. Using this tool will allow its users to optimize the areas that are hotspots and avoid areas that are not getting much visitor attention. This is, perhaps, the easiest view that you can use when you are utilizing the services that Crazy Egg has to offer. You will only be able to get a view like this with Crazy Egg, and you should consider putting the script into your coding to ensure that it records all of your visitor activity and you can see the dynamics that it provides in the heatmap view.

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Have you been wondering why your visitors are not clicking on your call to action button more than they are? The answer might be in the way that your page is set up. Sometimes, visitors will get bored after a certain amount of time and will simply stop scrolling through your page…they may never even reach your call to action on the page. Use the scroll view on your Crazy Egg to see where visitors have stayed the longest while scrolling and how far down they have actually scrolled. If they are rarely making it to the bottom of your page (where most people choose to put their call to action buttons), consider putting your button up higher. Somewhere in the middle of the page is best, because visitors subconsciously know that this is where they are going to find the bulk of and the best information on the site.

Confetti View


This view that is brought exclusively by Crazy Egg is very similar to a heatmap view, except it is much more specific. It shows you the exact dots of where visitors have clicked instead of simply showing you a hot spot where they have generally clicked at. It is a good idea to use confetti view if you want to see exactly what visitors are clicking on and where the visitors are coming from. This view actually tells its users where the visitors have come from (Google, Facebook, Bing, etc.), what geographical region they are located in and even which browser they are using. You can use this information to cater the areas of your page to different types of viewers. You can also use the information to change things around on your page to help make visitors of different types click where you want them to.

Overlay View

Overlay is exactly what it implies. The view lays over top of your page and gives you numbers, percentages and detailed information on who is clicking where and for possible reasons why. While the overlay view may look extremely simple up close, with simple numbers and percentages, it is actually an extremely detailed Crazy Egg view. You can click on these areas, numbers or percentages to see a detailed breakdown on why the numbers and percentages are showing up. This is a great view to use if you want to move your traffic to another area of your site or if you want to increase your traffic for different reasons. It is one of the most detailed views and will give you the best information possible for checking up on what your visitors are doing while they are on your site.

*BONUS: List View

list view

Crazy Egg also offers its users the most simple of visitor tracking options. A list view is a view that most of the other tracking scripts use, but Crazy Egg does it in a much more interesting way. It allows its users to see a detailed list that gives them all of the information they need on visitors. While this list may be more boring than artsy (as opposed to the other types of view that users can see on Crazy Egg), it is one of the simplest ways to get the information on all of their visitors. If you want to increase your traffic to different areas of your page, you can quickly look at the list view to see what you need to do, what you need to move and what you need to optimize. It is as simple as reading some text that is in a list with numbers that are related to the text.

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Setting Up Your Crazy Egg Campaigns

Crazy Egg is extremely simple for even a novice to set up. It is completely free to use, although there are options to upgrade that will give you plenty of bang for your buck. You can choose different ways that you view your site through Crazy Egg and you can get real time data on what people are clicking and what they are avoiding. There are only a few simple steps to setting up your Crazy Egg.

Set up your Crazy Egg account.Visit the Crazy Egg website and sign up for a completely free trial.


Log into your account after you have created it. Click add new snapshot.


A snapshot is the site that you want to view through the use of Crazy Egg. There are limits on how many snapshots you can have with the free version of Crazy Egg. Consider upgrading if you have more than 4.
Enter your URL. You can also enter the number of visitors you want to record. It is a good idea to have an approximate number of how many visitors you get per hour, per day or per week before you enter the number.

Name your page through Crazy Egg and make sure that you fill out all of the other information they are asking for.

Doing all of this will generate an automatic code that is created by the program. You must place this code into your page to ensure that you have Crazy Egg tracking everything.


Take advantage of their free installation test tool. This will let you know that the Crazy Egg software is working properly and that it has begun tracking.

Get ready for your statistics. The more visitors you have to your landing pages, the quicker your real time statistics will appear.

If you are looking for any type of visitor tracking codes for your landing page, you should consider using Crazy Egg. It is free to try and will give you a large variety of views that will help you increase all of your traffic options. It is a great tool to utilize and can even help increase the profits you make.

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