Crevand Brings Data-Driven SEO to Boise – Press Release

Crevand SEO increases business revenue through data, testing and search engine optimization to drive online traffic.

Boise, Idaho – May 14, 2019 – (

​Having recently rebranded itself, Crevand SEO ( is positioned in the Boise marketplace to deliver data-driven search engine optimization services to Idaho businesses. What makes Crevand different from other SEO companies is the system they use for website and search engine analysis.

Search engines rank web pages with a mathematical algorithm to determine quality and user fulfillment for particular search queries. “What better way to beat math than by using more powerful math”, pronounces Dan O’Donnell, co-founder of Crevand SEO. “We analyze millions of top ranking websites to determine exactly how they rank and how they best answer a search query. Data, if used correctly, is a powerful thing. With math as the backbone of Crevand’s marketing success they have eliminated the guessing that is prevalent with most search engine optimization companies. We watch a lot of SEO agencies continually damage the ranking power of sites because they have not done single variable testing and determined what really moves the needle online. The majority of the work we complete for clients is undoing damage from past SEO companies,” says Dan.

With the increase of AI and computing power the SEO industry is changing rapidly. Expectations businesses have for online success are growing while Internet competition is building at an alarming rate. “This is a data-driven industry. And we are not talking about Google Analytics data and visitor counts. We look at data that picks apart over 1000 aspect of a web sites and determines the impact they have on ranking,” says Dan. The ability to grab a share of online traffic for high conversion search terms can mean serious revenue growth.

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About Crevand SEO 

Crevand SEO has been in the search engine optimization marketplace for over ten years. With a focus on client success driven by data, research and branding, Crevand delivers results based SEO to clients throughout Idaho and Boise.

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Crevand Brings Data-Driven SEO to Boise

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