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SEO mogul Damon Burton caps off a successful year with a new podcast, an upcoming book on SEO, the release of an online SEO course, as well as a portfolio of high-profile clients including the Utah Jazz.

Damon Burton is the founder and President of search engine optimization firm, SEO National. While Burton has fast become a respected leader in the SEO industry since he opened his agency 12 years ago, 2018 was a particularly monumental year for the entrepreneur. Burton authored a book and developed an online course, both about search engine optimization, launched a podcast for business owners, and attracted many respected new clients, including an NBA team.

Burton has long had a passion for entrepreneurship and thrives on helping his clients, such as Shark Tank-featured businesses and Inc. 5000 companies, increase their internet traffic and drive up sales. In 2018, Burton added a number of up-and-coming new clients, including one of his favorite sports teams, the Utah Jazz.

“I grew up in Utah and have been a Jazz fan since I was a kid, so it’s particularly exciting to be contributing to the success of this outstanding team,” said Damon Burton.

Burton also took on Las Vegas powerhouse law firm, Tingey Injury Law Firm, new technology companies like Ident Solutions and MobiChord, community care management solution company Eccovia Solutions, and many more world influencers.

Burton frequently lectures at SEO conferences and also consults with businesses on ways to build their in-house SEO divisions. These experiences exposed a need to make SEO more accessible to businesses.

“A good SEO strategy, or the absence of one, can make or break a business, and yet it can be overwhelming and intimidating for businesses to venture into this new frontier,” said Burton.

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To address this need, Burton wrote a user-friendly book about SEO called “Outrank.”

“My book breaks SEO down into actionable steps that entrepreneurs can take to develop winning strategies that will get their companies noticed on the search engines,” said Damon Burton.

Burton also created an online course that business owners can use to enhance their search engine visibility

“The course is extremely user-friendly, but shares a goldmine of tips and tricks for improving SEO,” said Burton. “It’s not filled with theories or lofty ideas but with hands-on tactics that people can put into action right away to get results.”

Burton is also empowering entrepreneurs with his new “Learning from Others” podcast featuring leaders from many professional industries. This is familiar territory for Burton, who worked for seven years in on-air radio. His guests share advice to help business owners with all aspects of running and growing a successful company.

“It can be daunting to be an entrepreneur because there’s so much that one needs to know, but this podcast can help people learn from others’ successes and mistakes in all areas of business ownership,” said Burton.

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About Damon Burton

A husband and father of three, Damon Burton founded a successful SEO company in 2007, SEO National. In the past decade-plus he has written a book on SEO, spoken at conferences, been featured on BuzzFeed, USA Weekly, and has optimized websites for INC5000 companies, NBA teams, and businesses featured on Shark Tank.

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