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Digital media solutions provider Datasys explains Search-n-Deploy, the all-new, real-time keyword intelligence tool for search originated marketing.

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI / ACCESSWIRE / March 21, 2020 / For the last 20 years, only two channels have existed for search originated marketing (SOM): search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. That trend, however, is now set to change with the launch of Search-n-Deploy from Datasys, which utilizes a proprietary algorithm to track search activity and target keywords in real-time using unique mobile device identifiers. Adam Mittelberg, Datasys CEO and chairman, explains more about the exclusive, all-new keyword intelligence tool.

“Less than half of users click on search engine optimized links and only one in 20 will click on a pay-per-click ad at all,” shared Mittelberg at a recent press event. “Search-n-Deploy is so exciting because it frees our clients from being stuck in that either/or scenario with search engine marketing- now they can completely bypass Google and target users directly.”

How does it work? Search-n-Deploy intelligently targets users in real time and studies how they’re interacting with keywords online. Each instance is then measured for relevance for any given campaign. For instance, if a user is searching for “B2B enterprise solutions”, an algorithm would look at traffic patterns to see what type of content the user is viewing and deliver an appropriate digital ad if relevance criteria is met.

“It’s a brand new method of search originated marketing that can be instantly deployed on your terms,” added Mittelberg, “to deliver the ideal campaign only to ideal customers. Our initial conversion rates through testing are 2-3x the industry standard at a fraction of traditional costs.”

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Thanks to a proprietary database of mobile advertising IDs across billions of records, Search-n-Deploy allows users to monitor these IDs and see what people are searching for at any given time. Results are delivered in real time based on specific search traffic and the marketing possibilities are almost endless.

“This is a complete paradigm shift since opt-in users are proactively targeted as they’re in the actual buying cycle,” added Mittelberg, “and we’ve developed this proprietary technology in-house exclusively for our clients.”

Datasys is a full-service data, analytics, and digital media solutions provider with multiple marketing channels, a vast array of proprietary data sets, and an ever-growing suite of revolutionary ad tech platforms. Datasys boasts the ability to analyze, strategize, and execute almost any customer acquisition or retention campaign by crafting marketing and digital products that are proven to grow clients’ businesses. To find out more, visit


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