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Originally from Shanghai, China, David Zhao is a serial entrepreneur and a renowned investor with booming businesses in a variety of fields, he also happens to be one of the youngest millionairesin the world.

David is the co-founder and Managing Partner of the NXT Group, a company which includes 5 major subsidiaries: NXTFactor; a 360 degree social media marketing and digital agency, NXT Local; which manages food and diningventurs such as Chubby Cattle, Meet Fresh Desserts, and The X Pot, NXT Estate; which handles multiple portfolios in residential and multi-family real estateprojects,and NXT Auto Club; a Car Sharing Community.


David has a great deal of experience in the realm of social media, digital marketing and management, having serviced numerous clients single handily prior to founding MoreViews Inc. in 2007, a platform where people were able to opt for social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) related services. The company later evolved into NXTFactor in 2013, with its mission being to help small and medium scale businesses grow, with an emphasis on their online presence and digital footprint. NXT Factor is partnered with social and search giants like Yelp and Google in order to provide the highest ROI strategies for its clients.

Digital and social media marketing is a field that is constantly evolving, in the past decade it has become integral to building a strategy. Your marketing strategy needs to be suitable to the product and must be changed with time to cater to the latest trends. Companies that do not to have the ability to adapt to current market situations may end up losing out on potential growth. While speaking on the subject of marketing and reach, David said “It is essential to strike the perfect balance between organic reach and paid reach. While organic growth is essential, you must help leverage its impact by using ad spends tactfully. This can make or break your campaign with a direct impact on ROI”

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A digital marketing company that truly wishes to stand out of the crowd must learn to adopt a problem solving attitude, get to the root of the problem and help find a solution to the client’s industry specific issue. Companies that place people over profits are the ones that sustain in the long run. David explained further “In the end, it’s all about building trust, between you and your client, and then between the client and their target audience. Your ethics and integrity will help you find success in the long run.”

NXTFactor raked in over 50 million dollars in projected sales for its clients since 2013, while his food and dining franchises (Chubby Cattle, Meet Fresh and Spice World) generated a combined revenue of 25million dollars since 2016. David has set his sights on scaling his F&B ventures and also NXTFactor’s client base, operations, and revenue over the next couple of years, and we are certain that this digital marketing agency is bound to shine with David Zhao as a guiding light.

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