Dedicated Server Hosting and Benefits

A dedicated server hosting is a type of web hosting where the customer hires an entire physical server not shared with others. Dedicated Server is more versatile than other hosting where the users have a complete control over their server. This allows the users to have operating system and hardware of their choice.


The complex managed hosting is another layer of dedicated hosting which is relevant to variety of servers including physical dedicated servers, hybrid servers and virtual servers. Many businesses opt for hybrid hosting solutions which offer a combination of physical server and virtual server. The web hosting providers offer services like storage and security along with technical support. These companies may also offer server maintenance as an additional service. In some situations dedicated server are less expensive and can provide more returns on the investment. Dedicated servers provide dispensable power sources and Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems used in indoor and vehicular environment comfort. Some of the benefits of dedicated hosting service are high performance, security, email support, and control over the complete server. The websites which get a large amount of traffic mostly prefers dedicated hosting even though it is highly expensive.

Operating System Support in Dedicated Server Hosting

Server hosting companies take decision of providing operating system on dedicated server based on the availability of the server and price. The operating systems which are offered by open source community viz. CentOS, Fedora, Debian and other Linux dextrose, need no charge. The technical support offered for these operating systems depends upon the type of administration offered with a specific dedicated server hosting plan. The commercial version of Linux i.e. Red Hat enterprise is provided to the web hosting service providers on monthly fees. The Yum application provides Operating System updates via Red Hat Network.

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The operating system support may involve regular updates to obtain the recent fixes regarding security, patches and complete vulnerable purposes. The updates related to main operating systems involve upgrades related to kernel, service packs, updates for applications and updates regarding security patches etc. to the server safe, secure and stable. This relives owner of dedicated server from task of server management.

How Dedicated Server Management Works?

The managed hosting services mostly differ from dedicated hosting services in support and related services. The dedicated hosting services, also called unmanaged hosting services, are appropriate for web development and for the professionals in the system administrations.

So far, there is no single industry standard to clearly express the management role of dedicated server hosting providers. So, each web hosting provider uses these industry standards with their own interpretation. Some dedicated server hosting providers interpret fully managed hosting as having a web based control panel. The server management services may include few or all of the following:

  • Server monitoring
  • Operating System updates
  • Application updates
  • Applications management
  • Providing technical support, etc.

It may also include services like:

  • Services related to firewall
  • Anti spam software
  • Antivirus updates
  • Security updates
  • DDoS protection
  • Backups and restoration, etc.

The management of server can involve following services:

  • DNS hosting services
  • Disaster management
  • Load balancing
  • Database administration
  • Software installation and configuration
  • User management, etc.

The dedicated server hosting providers express their standard of management on the basis of the services which they offer. The operating system administrative maintenance mostly involves upgrades, security patches and also sometimes the updates related to the daemons.

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Server Managed Support

There are various types of server managed support offered by the dedicated server hosting providers:

  • Fully Managed Support: It involves monitoring, updates related to software, reboots, security patches, upgrading operating system, etc.
  • Managed Support: It involves a middle level of management, monitoring, updates, and a finite amount of support. It is possible that customers can execute particular tasks.
  • Self-managed Support: The self managed support involves monitoring on regular basis, and some maintenance. Customers can perform many operations and processes on the dedicated server.
  • Unmanaged Support: There is very little to no co-operation from the dedicated server hosting provider. All the maintenance, upgrades, security patches, etc. are offered by the customer.


The dedicated server hosting providers many times charge for dedicated servers based on the monthly price for choice of software packages. There are some other software applications which are available for specialized web hosting programs known as control panels. The Control Panel is software which includes the entire set of software applications, server applications and various automation tools which can be easily installed on the dedicated server. It also includes association with web servers, database applications, various programming languages, installation of applications; tasks related to administration and also involve the capabilities of automating tasks through a front end which is based on a web.

Some web hosting providers does not allow bots, clients or daemons because of the scamp users which activates the DDoS attacks against the web hosting providers. This is done to remain safe against the threats of network crashing or decrease in quality of services for their clients.

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