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DigDev will now combine email marketing services with social media and programmatic advertising.


DigDev, the multi-channel infomediary based out of Deerfield Beach, is utilizing their extensive email marketing database to enhance their social media and display advertising services. DigDev Direct, which has been around for nearly 10 years, will be able to upload their data to certain social media sites to display ads to matching profiles or those that meet the same target selects for email campaigns. This service will give businesses a chance to reach consumers on multiple, cost-effective platforms.

“Think about the sites, apps or platforms people use the most throughout the day. They are on Facebook an average of four hours. They check their email constantly. They watch as videos and images play in between their use of gaming, news and entertainment apps. These three channels aren’t just great because they are used by the consumer, they are great because the consumer gives these platforms their undivided attention. That’s the key to utilizing data marketing with DigDevDirect, you can now reach that audience on platforms they are giving real attention to, even more than television.” Media Direct Representative

DigDev also utilizes data marketing services to enhance their reach with programmatic advertising. These display ads, which are featured all over websites and apps, give businesses a chance to introduce their brand to consumers and constantly remind them of the brand as well as current promotions that are running. Because DigDev Direct features data that is opted in, businesses can narrow their audience down by hundreds of selects including age, geo, gender, marital status, political affiliation, number of children, if they rent or own their home, income, job title and more. With over 280 million records available, businesses can run campaigns to a select audience or try different strategies on various platforms.

“You have a big sale coming up and you aren’t sure how to get your name out there. By utilizing our data, you can send out an email campaign through DigDevDirect. This introduces your brand to the recipient. Next, they start to see your ads on Facebook, Instagram and dozens of other sites they are visiting. Finally, they get another email and they now have a real interest in your promotion. The best part, because you were able to select the targets, you are saving money by not wasting it on displaying ads to consumers who would not have an interest in the products or services being offered.”

For more information regarding this feature, please contact Dennis John at [email protected]

About DigDev Direct

DigDev Direct utilizes a multi-channel marketing platform to provide their clients top level services for customer acquisition and retention. Each channel comes with highly targeted strategies whether it be search engine optimization, pay per click, email marketing, mobile, data appending or more.

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