Digital Marketing Company, fishbat, Explains How User Generated Content Can Help Build Your Customer Base and Drive Engagement

NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Digital marketing company, fishbat, continues its mission to teach companies how to effectively self-promote by explaining how user-generated content can help build your customer base and drive engagement.

A truly successful social media marketing strategy does more than share relevant content, it creates a meaningful connection with its followers. Effectively utilizing the stories, images and video content that people create and share about your brand can accomplish both while potentially increasing your account’s following and engagement rates simultaneously.

If your company is not taking advantage of this valuable source of content or if you are unsure of how to cultivate it, read on for an informative discussion on how user generated content can grow your customer base and increase social media engagements.

Make a Moment
Smart social media marketing is less about pushing your brand’s products and services as it is about creating genuine moments that draw in your customer base. User-generated content can produce opportunities for target customers to engage with your brand on a deeper level. Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are full of possibilities for your brand to drive these moments with users simply by asking.

Most social media users are using these platforms to share images and videos and photos are, in fact, the most shared type of media among the highly coveted millennial demographic. Social media users are actively creating content about the brands that they value, whether those brands are utilizing this content or not.

Become an active participant in the discussions that your target customers are already having about your brand. Ask your followers to share photos or videos of themselves utilizing your brand’s story and products and enjoy a wealth of user-generated content that your brand can utilize across its social media channels.

The New Brand Ambassadors
Followers on social media can be so much more than fans and users of your products and services, so consider thinking of them as ambassadors for your brand. For one, social media users love the feeling of being recognized by the brands that they love. Not only does recognition deepen feelings of brand loyalty, but it exposes your brand to their networks as well.

The aforementioned reasons show that user-generated content can function as a great source of organic advertising. Social media users tend to view this type of content as more authentic than most forms of paid advertising, and for a good reason. Real life examples of your products and services in action shared by real people is compelling proof to social media users that your brand may be a good fit for them.

Cross-Platform Promotions
User-generated content should be an important part of your multi-channel social marketing strategy. In practice, this multi-layered process means gathering valuable user content on Instagram by encouraging followers to share photos of themselves with one of your brand’s products and a corresponding custom hashtag to match. This process can curate great examples for publication on your brand’s website, and across your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as well.

Utilizing user-generated content in the aforementioned ways across your brand’s social media platforms can extend the reach beyond your current base and increase likes, shares and follows on social channels.

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