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pexels photo 590016Getting a top ranking in the search engines is not a guarantee, but it is something that everyone is going to strive for. The problem is everyone reads about optimization of the website and backlink profile but is confused when people want to know what to do about this or that. This is when you should know the best on page SEO techniques that will help you rank in the search engines, often without having to make any changes to your website that you are trying to get to rank in the search engines.

Check For Hidden Keywords On Reddit

When you are starting to look for your keywords, you will find that it can be challenging to find the right keywords to rank for at times. This is when you should go to what is called the front page of the Internet. That page is none other than Reddit! You will want to put in your niche and start to look for the different keywords that are being used in the posts. These generally are keywords people are looking for and not finding the answers to the questions and turn to Reddit. So you could start to use these topic ideas and get the keywords from them.

Update Your Older Blog Posts

A common thing that you will find is when you are looking at your website you will find a lot of older posts that are a little bit outdated. Since this is the case and to help improve your on-page SEO techniques. This method is one that will add relevance to the older posts as well. So you will be able to get the right rankings, and since you are starting to redo the older blog posts, you can make them fresh and relevant to the world today and know you will be able to rank higher for the targeted words as well.

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Check Out Ads For Your Title And Description Tags

Adwords can be a tremendous friend to you if you are looking at increasing your rankings. Yes, this may seem odd to mention in an SEO article, but when you search for a keyword and see ads come up first, you will want to study the title of the ad and the description. Then you will have a chance to go out and copy them a little bit to help you in targeting the proper words. Remember if the ads are ranking people are not only searching but paying for the top ranking as well.

Fix Your Broken Links And Interlink Pages

Broken links are going to be a significant issue for your website. If you have any broken links that are not fixed it will hurt your on-page SEO. However, by correcting these links, you will start to get the links that will improve your visitors’ experience. Along the same lines, you should look into getting the chance to interlink some of your pages if they are related. For example, if you are talking about SEO and link building, you may want to link to a page that details how to build a post that would count as a great link. links

Being able to rank your website easily is a challenge. However, what you will find is you will want to know about the best on page SEO techniques you can use. By knowing about these techniques, it will be effortless for you to get the rankings you want to have, but also see the visitor experience on your website go up quite a bit compared to what it was before.

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