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Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

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Think of that. For just a moment.

Blogging – like life – serves as the perfect mirror of your attention and energy. If you give oodles of positive, generous, detached, trusting energy to blogging, you will see greater and greater success over the long haul. Simple. But if you give oodles of negative, stingy, attached, doubtful energy to blogging, you will see massive struggles, failure and yep, you will eventually quit. Matters not if you blog for 5 minutes or 5 years. If you inject negative, fear-filled, attached, doubting energy into your blogging duties, you will fail forever, because life is a mirror reflecting your energy back to you via your experiences.

If you give 1-2 hours of positive, loving, generous, trusting, detached energy to blogging, you will see a little bit of growth here and there. You will see slow and steady success. Imagine writing 1 blog post daily, feeling awesome, publishing the post, and doing nothing else. Your results-experience mirror reflects slow and steady success because even though your energy rocks, you are giving blogging only a little bit of attention. Humans have 24 hours to work with daily. Giving only 1 hour daily to a single task ain’t too much of your attention, is it?

The High Rollers of Blogging

Then, you have the high rollers of blogging. The big dawgs. These folks give 6 to 8 to 10 hours of positive, generous, loving, detached, trusting energy to blogging every single day. Not only do they vibe at a super calm, peaceful, confident energy, they give massive amounts of attention to blogging, too. These are the bloggers who blog-act-vibe like the person who makes $10,000,000 a year through blogging, being generous, having fun, helping people, and trusting the process, for 10 hours a day, when they appear to be making 0 dollars through blogging. But over time, 0 becomes $10, then $100, then $500, $1000, and the number keeps growing until these bloggers net $1,000,0000, then $10,000,000, then more, through blogging.

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Making $10,000,000 through blogging simply mirrors the amount of positive, generous, loving, detached, trusting energy you put into blogging every day for many years. You were as generous as a person who had $10,000,000 in your bank account when you had the appearance of having $4 in your bank account. Most humans panic when they see the illusion of $4 in their bank account, and begin giving poverty conscious, broke-joke, stingy, fear-driven, doubting energy to blogging. 7 and 8 figure earners see through the illusion and carry on being generous, detached, and trusting completely in themselves, in blogging and in their energy.

Eventually, $4 becomes $10, becomes $200, becomes $2000, all based on how much positive, loving, generous, trusting attention and energy you give to blogging daily. The money grows as your trusting, generous, detached nature grows, and as you give ample attention and positive energy to blogging daily.

The less you care about what you are getting because you feel whole, complete, abundant, and trust you are being cared for, the more you adopt a millionaire or even billionaire consciousness because you act and vibe like a billionaire independent of any appearance of money in your bank account. You have a vision, trust, love blogging, help people, seek opportunities to serve bloggers and readers left and right, and let the process handle the getting, the success, the traffic and profits and interviews and guest post invites, all that good stuff.

Be Posturing

Act like the blogger who is successful to see expanded success. Be success. Have posture. Be generous, patient and persistent. Feel like you are succeeding because you are successful. Trust in the process. Tap into the powerful mirror effect of blogging that we all experience 24-7, 365.

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