Drug Test Meme Myths Debunked


Drug Test Meme Myths Debunked

Drug Test Meme Myths Debunked

False information about so many subjects circulates the Internet. From people posting what they think is true to people trying to rile others, a ton of nonfactual information is spread across the Internet. One topic, in particular, that has plenty of untrue information about it in memes and blogs is drug testing.

1. Excessive Water Consumption Helps Pass Drug Tests

Basically, people think because excess fluid helps a person excrete more urine, it will flush out his or her system. However, this doesn’t complete the job fast enough to actually help a person pass a drug test. It’s possible that significantly increasing one’s water intakebefore a drug test will affect a person’s creatine levels. Therefore, if a company uses an advanced test, it’s possible to detect that a person consumed a high amount of water.

2. Synthetic Urine Won’t Work

This is false. Some synthetic urine won’t help a person pass a drug test because of their composition. However, Lpath.com revealed a list of synthetic urine kits that actually work.

3. Drinking Vinegar Will Help a Person Pass a Drug Test

Scientific evidence doesn’t support vinegar works. People do use it to detoxify their bodies when they’re trying to lose weight. However, even if it would detoxify a person’s system prior to taking a drug test, it alters the pH levels in their urine too. Therefore, the test will reveal a higher than usual pH level in a person’s system. Not to mention, drinking vinegar in excess can make a person feel sick to their stomachs. Vinegar can have an impact on a person’s sugar level as well. Therefore, if a person has diabetes, trying to pass a drug test with vinegar could cause a serious issue for him or her. Additionally, vinegar can have an impact on potassium levels, which could be harmful to a person who has hypertension.

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4. Contact High Myth

People often try to cover up their THC levels by saying they were around other people who smoked. However, this would never cause a person to have high levels of THC in their system unless they spent a great deal of time in a closed room with people who were smoking. Being around others who are smoking marijuana does cause it to go into a person’s system but not enough to actually make them fail a drug test.

5. Marijuana Is Out of a Person’s System in Three to Five Days

Not every person is the same. For some people, marijuana stays in their system longer. This is especially true in people who smoke regularly or who partake in large amounts of it at once. Moreover, not every strain of marijuana is the same, so some strains have active ingredients that remain in a person’s system longer than others. Keep in mind, THC is stored in fat cells, so those who have higher fat levels will test positive for a longer period of time than someone with a lower number of fat cells.

6. Diuretics

Diuretics including both coffee and cranberry juice do cause a person to urinate more. This does help to flush out a person’s system. However, anyone trained to give a drug test knows that if a person has lower levels of certain substances in their body, they used something to alter the test results such as a diuretic.


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