Early June Updates to Paid Advertising Platforms

Google Ads

What: Choose conversion actions to bid for at the campaign level

Details: This update gives advertisers the ability to optimize an entire campaign towards specific conversions. Previously, conversions applied to all campaigns in the account so limiting a campaign to specific conversions was not possible.

Impact: Advertisers will not need to create multiple accounts to manage campaigns with different goals. We predict this will save time and make it optimization easier. For example, advertisers who want to test the Maximize Conversions bid strategy can narrow a campaign’s focus to just 1 conversion type and the bid strategy will optimize accordingly.


Facebook Ads

What: Cost Cap Bidding

Details: This is a new bidding strategy designed to simplify the advertiser’s experience and help align campaign objectives and bid strategies, as well as maximize cost-efficiency.

Impact: For advertisers who are majorly concerned about getting the most actions or impressions, cost cap is great. However, for experienced advertisers, manual bidding strategies may still be more effective.

What: Ad Delivery Insights

Details: The new inspect option allows advertisers to see clarification, insights, and recommendations from Facebook related to their ad set’s delivery performance.

Impact: This may provide some helpful insights for ad sets that are underperforming; however, recommendations are not always available.

What: Event Setup Tool

Details: Previously, most advertisers had to bring in a developer to help set up events and parameters for their tracking pixels. With this new tool, advertisers should be able to do it themselves.

Impact: Advertisers who were not leveraging events before can now utilize this feature and increase ad effectiveness.

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Microsoft Advertising

What: Recommendations Tab

Details: Similar to the Inspect Tool Facebook rolled out, Microsoft Advertising is promising AI-driven optimizations that will improve campaign performance. This will replace the Opportunities page.

Impact: The recommendations primarily concern bids, budgets, keywords, and repairs. While a new advertiser to the platform may gain insights from the feature, seasoned advertisers will likely not find it as useful.



What: Duplicate Video Ads

Details: Advertisers can now upload duplicate video ads in campaign manager.

Impact: Time-saver!

What: Editing Lead Gen Forms

Details: Advertisers can now edit lead gen forms after they’ve been saved and published.

impact: Another time-saver. Now advertisers no longer need to create an entirely new ad if they want to make changes to their lead gen forms.


We also checked Amazon, Quora, Pinterest and Twitter for updates. Check back at the end of June for additional news.

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