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Earn 60% Commissions with mSpy Affiliate Program

We are easily the most connected generation in the history of mankind. All it takes is a couple quick taps on a smartphone to blast a tweet out to literally millions of people around the world. All it takes is a couple quick taps to send an SMS text message to a friend who lives halfway around the globe. But as Uncle Ben once told us, with great power comes great responsibility. And as it turns out, it also comes with a greatly lucrative opportunity too.

If you’re interested in making some serious money on the Internet, the mSpy Affiliate Program should most definitely be on your radar. It boasts some of the best tools and the highest payouts in this space, with plenty of extra bonuses to further pad your pocketbook.

What Is mSpy?

Before we can get to discussing the associated affiliate program, it’s important to first explore the product/service that you will be promoting in the first place.

Positioned as the “ultimate monitoring tool for all devices,” mSpy can be used to remotely track and control activity on any smartphones, computers and other devices connected to the account. There are several possible usage scenarios here. Most commonly, mSpy is used by parents to keep tabs on what their kids are doing and it is used by companies to keep track of what their employees are doing.

The software can be used to track everything from phone calls to sent and received text messages, as well as emails, GPS location history, web browser history, calendar activities, WhatsApp and iMessage instant messages, social network activity and more. The tool can be used to wipe or lock devices remotely, view all multimedia files stored on the device, monitor what Wi-Fi networks are being used and more. It’s really, really powerful and works with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS devices.

Pricing ranges and is based on a monthly subscription model. Most customers will likely opt for an annual subscription to enjoy the best possible price.

Making Money as an Affiliate

What’s great about mSpy is that it is the kind of product you can promote to just about anyone. You gain access to a very wide target audience, because it is useful to concerned parents and business owners no matter where they are in the world. Everyone is on social networks and uses text messages and email, right?

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And this is where you can step in with the affiliate program. It works like most other affiliate programs in that you will get paid when you refer a paying customer, but you also earn residual commissions when your referred customers re-ups their subscription. This makes for a great passive income source, as customers who use mSpy are very likely to continue using mSpy.

The core commission structure is broken down into three main tiers. They are all based on revenue share and you move up the ladder based on the number of monthly sales you are able to send their way.

  • Bronze (Up to 98 sales): Earn 40% commissions on new sales and 20% on rebills.
  • Silver (99-299 sales): Earn 50% commissions on new sales and 25% on rebills.
  • Gold (Over 300 sales): Earn 60% commissions on new sales and 30% on rebills.

Your commission will naturally vary based on the package that the customer ends up getting. mSpy says that the average check is $82.70 and you can get as much as $192 with your initial commission per single conversion. That’s pretty lucrative, especially when you factor in the long-term potential of rebills.

Another great feature is the 120-day sales tracking period. This means that you will never lose a customer. Even if your referred customer doesn’t buy right away, he or she can come back as much as four months later and you’ll still be credited with the sale. This empowers you to play the long game with any promotional campaigns you may run, like with email marketing or social media marketing.

Lucrative Bonus Offers

The core commission structure already provides huge potential to earn a sizable amount of money from the mSpy affiliate program. They go even further, though, with several additional bonus offers.

To really encourage you to hit the ground running, there are three tiers of start-up bonuses offered based on the number of sales you are able to send in the first 30 days. Send just 10 sales and you get a extra 15% payout. This scales up to an extra 20% and an extra 25% if you are able to send at least 30 or at least 50 sales in the first 30 days, respectively.

You’re not in on this alone either. mSpy also has a referral program in place for its affiliate program where you earn 10% from the profits your referred partners get. This isn’t just for the first 30 days or even for the first year. This is a lifetime bonus. And when your referred affiliate hits the $1,000 milestone, you get an extra $200 bonus. mSpy also works with custom achievement bonuses too.

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mSpy Promotional Tools

Of course, an affiliate program is only as good as the tools it provides its affiliates. The mSpy program is powered by the familiar HasOffers engine, so many a veteran affiliate marketer will feel right at home. From there, you will gain access to over 250 promotional tools so that you don’t have to be “a designer or a web developer” to be a successful affiliate.

This includes over 200 customizable banners of varying sizes and dimensions and over 50 landing pages to best align with your target customer. The greater variety of design also means that you can more easily differentiate yourself from other people who may be working with the mSpy affiliate program, helping you gain more of a competitive advantage.

To that end, you can also leverage multilanguage keywords for PPC ads, promoting the program in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain and beyond, as well as videos, tutorials and SEO keywords to further expand your reach. Remember that mSpy is dedicated to your success, because your success is also their success.

How Much Money Can I Make?

With a mobile panel app, real-time reporting, postback URLs and advanced analytics, the mSpy affiliate program is designed to maximize your revenue potential. The top affiliates with the program have consistently been earning six figures a year and this is definitely within reach for you too.

The tiered commission structure is such that once you earn a level, you get to keep it for a three-month period, renewing each time you meet that tier’s requirements. Payments can be issued as frequently as once a week, so long as you meet the minimum threshold of $100. After the two-week holding period, funds can be released via PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, EPESE or wire transfer.

It only takes a few moments to fill out the sign up form, after which an account manager will review your application. Remember to be as detailed as possible in describing how you will promote mSpy services, as that is the top reason why accounts are not approved. Good luck!

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