Eddy Kim, Suran, Heize, & Crush to participate in Seo Taiji’s ongoing ‘Time: Traveler’ remake project


Singers Eddy Kim, Suran, Heize, and Crush are next in line to sing Seo Taiji‘s hit songs!

On August 3, Seo Taiji Company stated, “In order to celebrate Seo Taiji’s 25th anniversary this year, more talented junior artists such as Eddy Kim, Suran, Heize, and Crush will be participating in the ongoing ‘Time: Traveler’ project. The new remakes will be revealed starting on August 8 with Eddy Kim.”

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Previously, numerous musicians such as BTS, Urban Zakapa, Younha, and Loopy & Nafla successfully revived some of Seo Taiji’s hit tracks including “Come Back Home”, “Moai”, “Take Five”, and “Internet War” for the month of July. It was also revealed that the upcoming second lineup for August consists of junior musicians recommended by Seo Taiji himself.

Meanwhile, songs by all four artists will be released leading up to the ‘Lotte Card: Seo Taiji 25 MOOVːSoundtrack Vol.2’ performance on September 2 at Seoul Jamsil Stadium.


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