Good To SEO | Search engine optimization (SEO) Blog News, a marketplace for Search Engine Optimization products and a hub for SEO learning resources, has sprung up seemingly overnight and has already begun to resonate with SEO marketers worldwide.

According to an article published by Forbes in 2019, Search Engine Optimization is an estimated $80 billion a year industry, and it looks like these two characters are interested in making their piece of the pie a little bigger. Altimore, who has had substantial success with other companies like Freedom Links and Lion Rank is looking to make an even bigger dent in a niched market he’s become rather well-known in. Chris Tzitzis, owner of Gigamilk, an SEO Agency, is expected to be the face of the brand and the VP that oversees its operations.

“Our intention with this company isn’t going to just be to provide great products that positively influence long term rankability, but to help educate the public on exactly how to use these tools and others to their advantage – along with being a voice of trust and reason in a market filled with misinformation and uncertainty,” said Altimore in a recent public interview on Facebook Live with Chris Tzitzis. “We intend to give SEOs and businesses that use SEO a leg up no matter where they are in the world, their size, or their experience level.” currently offers about fifteen modestly priced products at this time ranging from backlinks to website builds.  However, the driving factor in the use of these products seems to be in the in-depth articles and videos dedicated to educating their audience on SEO best-practices.’s products are controversial in a sense due to some of the techniques and products being promoted being “black hat” methods that go against some search engines’ terms of service. However, in their guidesthey claim to have ways to insulate websites from such vulnerabilities as well as promoting a variety of products including completely “white hat” offerings – and judging by the chatter in popular SEO groups on Facebook and success of their previous ventures, they seem to be doing very well.

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“We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves for the future of this company.” Altimore said at the end of the interview. But he didn’t go too much into the comment when prodded by the audience about specific products they would like to see in the future.  He did, however, say that people who join their Facebook group “SEO Round Table” will have instant access to valuable information in the form of answered questions, AMA interviews, content, and product news and updates to help further educate and keep their members at the forefront of SEO industry.’s SEO Services seem to have a lot of promise and buzz around it now in the early stages of its development.  If bets are out as to whether these two budding entrepreneurs will hit one out of the park with this project, it looks like general consensus from their fans and peers is one of impatient, positive expectation.

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