Exinda Network Orchestrator Hardware Update

The Exinda Network Orchestrator appliance is purpose built for Network Managers and Administrators who want one solution to manage the way users, traffic, devices, and applications

behave on the network. With Exinda Network Orchestrator, organizations can ensure reliable application performance, identify and control bandwidth usages, and understand network activity.


The newest model (4062v2) is a result of customer feedback that is the backbone of our development process for new and existing products. We’ve heard your feedback and vastly improved the Network Orchestrator offering in this newest 4062v2 model. By listening to network managers, network engineers, and application managers who have used the original Exinda Network Orchestrator 4062 appliance, we’ve engineered the 4062v2 to address the most pressing needs that we’ve identified.

The Exinda Network Orchestrator 4062v2 is built for organizations like financial institutions, schools, and even hospitals, which demand high network performance and high availability. Organizations that need to protect business critical applications and quality of experience for employees will appreciate the improvements in the 4062v2.

With 16GB of installed RAM, the 4062v2 offers four times as much memory as the original 4062, which results in smoother performance. In addition to vastly more RAM, the Exinda Network Orchestrator 4062v2 features over three times as much data storage as the original 4062.

With 1TB of data storage, which is provided by solid-state drives, the 4062v2 offers not only over three times more storage space for caching things like Microsoft updates, but also faster performance due to the newer SSD drives that replace the older magnetic drives in the original 4062. This all results in less internet traffic to and from the internet, which, in turn, results in happier users.

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Other enhancements that the Exinda Network Orchestrator 4062v2 brings to the table include up to six times lower power consumption and also lower cooling requirements when compared to the original model. The 4062v2 also offers an annualized failure rate that is almost five times lower than that of the original 4062, which results in fewer drive replacements.

The Exinda Network Orchestrator 4062v2 provides the stability and the quality of experience that end users appreciate. To learn more about the Exinda Network Orchestrator 4062v2, or to schedule a demo, visit https://www.gfi.com/products-and-solutions/network-security-solutions/exinda-network-orchestrator

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