Exults Internet Marketing Social Media Specialists Discuss Their Top Tips for Facebook Ads

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If you’re only boosting posts, you’re just scratching the surface.

Facebook Ads have become an essential ad platform for businesses because of the precise targeting options and relatively low cost-per-click. Exults’ Engagement Specialist, Lydia Adams, and Search Specialist, Mike Nucci, share their Facebook Ad best practices.

Mike Nucci states, “No ad platform has as many retargeting options as Facebook. You can retarget based on things like engagement, website traffic, emails, phone numbers, and video views.” These retargeting options allow businesses to segment the target audience by product category and level of interest. It’s important not to show a user ads about home mortgages if they watched 90% of a video about student loans.

Another important tip is to not show a new user the same ad you would show a repeat customer. The advertisements should be unique to the type of customer you are targeting. New users may be looking to discover or learn more about the brand, while targeting repeat users should be geared towards having them convert again.

Lydia states, “If you want to drive users to your website, run a campaign with link clicks as the objective. If you want more post reactions, use the engagement objective. Promote a link as an Engagement Ad, and you’ll see a CPC more than 3x’s higher than that same exact link promoted as a Website Conversion Ad.” It is important to note that businesses and advertisers should be aware of exactly what they want customers to do before choosing an objective.

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“If you’re only boosting posts, you’re just scratching the surface,” says Mike. Facebook might be the most versatile ad platform out there. Take advantage of all the targeting options today before your competition catches up tomorrow.

Exults is a full-service internet marketing agency that is results driven for its clients and offers a complete range of internet marketing services to reach its clients’ goals. For over 10 years, Exults has offered premier services including Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Social Media Marketing, Video Optimization, Image Enhancement, and Digital PR. Exults CEO and Founder, Zach Hoffman, oversees and manages the day-to-day operations of the growing Fort Lauderdale-based internet marketing company.

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