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It’s important to build a marketing strategy based on what you know about your customers and their habits. Making data-driven decisions and sending the right message at the right time will have a big impact on your marketing—and it can even save you time and money. This month, we’re highlighting some analysis and management tools to help you leverage all your data in a convenient way.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to automatically add tracking tags to links in your email campaigns and automations. Once connected to MailChimp, Google Analytics tracks the web traffic, conversions, and sales generated by your campaign, and then passes all the data back to your MailChimp reports so you can review a campaign’s performance and ROI.

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EA Pro Reports

MailChimp campaigns generate a lot of valuable data, and the EA Pro Reports integration gives you access to enhanced reporting tools so you can dig even deeper. EA Pro Reports syncs with your MailChimp account so you can easily aggregate metrics with date range reporting, create grouped reports by organizing campaigns by category, view metrics in side-by-side campaign comparisons, and more.

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Power BI

This powerful Microsoft integration pulls data from your MailChimp account and generates reports and a dataset—all in a handy dashboard—to help you better explore your data. Power BI is an analytics platform that lets you quickly compare metrics and identify trends within your campaigns, reports, and subscribers.

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If your business relies on a bunch of different tools and apps each day, you know that keeping track of all your data can be a time-consuming process. Luckily, Dasheroo can help. Dasheroo gives you the power to consolidate your MailChimp reporting data with the performance metrics from your other favorite apps—like Google Analytics, AdWords, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more—in one beautiful, customizable dashboard.

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Now that you’re equipped with tools that can help you utilize your data more efficiently, it’s a good time to explore our email marketing benchmarks to see how your stats stack up against others in your industry. Need more inspiration? Check out how MailChimp user Gwynnie Bee uses data to make informed decisions about their email marketing strategy.

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