Five Examples of Product Placements within eCommerce Sites

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When selling online it’s always important to make sure you have an online set up that’s easy for your audience to use. This is something Amazon has mastered time and time again. Not only with their product pages, but also their check out process and customer feedback as well.

The good news is that it’s now easier to sell online than ever before. Whether you prefer using a something like WooCommerce for a WordPress based site, Shopify as an all-in-one solution or even a custom shopping cart and site design, your options are pretty much limitless.

To help with some inspiration and e-commerce design, let’s take a look at five different online stores and show they are currently selling and displaying products through their sites.

Make Sure Your Product Images are High Quality

When it comes to selling anything online, it’s import that not only the backend of the site is easy to set up for the owner, but also that it’s easy to navigate and order as a customer as well. Falls River Soap is a perfect example of a brand that has made the process of selling and distributing their products around the world much easier. What stands out most about the product placements on Falls River Soap, is that their handmade soaps for sale each have a high-quality photo that really makes the soap pop right off the page. This is something more brands and e-commerce sites need to focus on, as it’s always going t be one of the major selling points when buying anything online.

Site Navigation and Search Options are Key

In addition to Amazon being one of the best sites on the internet for buying and selling products, Etsy has also become quite the online marketplace as well. Not only have they made it easy for anyone to start selling online, they also have a great navigation and search feature on their site when looking to make a purchase. Just like we pointed out in the example above, using high-quality photos are key once again to getting the end user to click on products and hopefully make a purchase. Head over to Etsy and perform a search for anything and notice how the search options in the left-hand menu will allow you to better define your searches based on everything from item type, price, color and much more.

A Clean Design is a Winning Design

When creating an online store or ecommerce site, it’s not always important to stress about the look and feel of your site. In most cases, ecommerce sites should be clean and have minimal distractions. With an audience coming to your site and already having a concept in their mind for what they want to buy, it’s your priority to make it as simple and seamless as possible to provide them with it and make the checkout process even easier. This is something GSI Exchange has done extremely well, as the process of offering gold bullion for sale isn’t the easiest concept, as it’s a high-ticket item. What you will notice, however, is that there is minimal distractions and high-quality photos for each item. This is key when such products can sell for upwards of $1,000 each.

Vertical Listing of Products vs. Horizontal

In each of the examples above, we see that there are a bunch of individual products lined up in a row. This is common for online stores, but it isn’t the only ways to display products. Take a look at how TFAW lists their top selling comics. Not only is it in a list format from top to bottom, it’s also loaded up with content rich descriptions and highlights the savings on each item, while also displaying the product itself. This method works very well for SEO purposes too — not only for the individual product pages but also for any category or list style pages as well.

Well Known Brands with Simple Sites

Taking components from many of the examples above, we can view the Five Below website below. This popular retail brand generates millions of dollars in sales annually, but they also have one of the most simple websites on the internet. When it comes to color and product listings, you can’t get more simple than this. Check out any of the fidget spinner product listings on their site, then click on an individual item and you will see just how simple (yet fun) their online store actually is. This is just another perfect example of an online store design that works.

How to Make More Money Online Selling Online

As you can see, when it comes to selling online, there is no right or wrong way. Each e-commerce site will have its own design, look and feel — while also relating with their audience in the process. The important thing is to limit distractions, have high-quality images and gain the trust of your audience. If you have all of these elements in place, there is no reason you shouldn’t find continued success with selling online.

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