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Five free tools that can make you successful in influencer marketing from NoxInfluencer

Five free tools that can make you successful in influencer marketing from NoxInfluencer

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of business relationship which exists between a brand and an individual (influencer marketer) who is capable of having a positive effect on the purchase decision of the brand’s target market through tailored contents and reputation for knowledge and expertise in the brand’s industry. In simple terms, it is a form of brand marketing which focuses on using influential people to positively turnaround the target market opinions towards a particular product/brand. It can also be likened to celebrity marketing and social media marketing since all three involves the use of an individual well informed and with a good reputation to create brand/product awareness and also involves the use of social media and other forms of multimedia.

The process of launching an Influencer Marketing Campaign is sequential. The success of a step relies solely on how properly the ones before it was done. This process includes steps like defining the audience and medium, setting a budget, choosing an influencer, determining the Key Performance Index, content creation, improving onsite marketing strategy, choosing a timeline and launching it. Of all the steps in the list, the most crucial one is ‘choosing an influencer.’ This is because, how well an influencer marketing campaign will perform depends on the influencer as they are the brand/product identity during the campaign period.

To succeed in influencer marketing as a marketer, there is a need to make use of essential tools to make the process easier. This is the primary objective of Noxinfluencer: to ease the burden of searching and selecting influencers, especially YouTubers.

How? Noxinfluencer being one of the leading influencer marketing platforms, it provides an avenue for a quick and smooth collaboration between influencers and brands.

To achieve this, Noxinfluencer provides five necessary and important tools for every marketer free of charge. These tools are:

YouTube Search: Through Noxinfluencer, marketers can access a vast database of YouTubers suitable for their brand through a single search. Because Noxinfluencer understands brand needs vary, brands can use a keyword from their industry to search for suitable influencers for their brand through the search column of the home page, and the result will be displayed based on their videos, tags and overall videos performance. This way, brands only deal with YouTube channels who have direct relationships with their brand products, identity, industry, and niche. Once this list is displayed, brands can then filter the result using several filters. These filters include category, the number of followers, areas, and locations in the world, estimated exposure and their last published date. For example, a search using ‘Health’ as a keyword will likely bring about thousands of YouTube channels, while choosing a category, location, the number of followers, and exposure value will streamline the results to the best fit for my brand.

YouTube Statistics: a brand cannot work with all the influencers that make the search list after filtering it. There is still a need to determine whether they have enough resources to achieve the required milestone. This can only be known through the channel statistical evaluation. For this, Noxinfluencer provides YouTube Stats; an influencer marketing tool that lets you have access to the entire statics of any youtube channel you are reviewing.

Youtube stats tool will let you have access to a channel’s information such as the number of subscribers, the total number of views, average video views, average daily subscribers, average daily views, active rate, and the estimated YouTube value. All this will then be used to rate the channel through a Nox Score ranging from 1-5.

nox score

YouTube Channel Calculator: influencers do not offer their services free of charge; marketers and brands have to pay them for their cooperation. After reviewing channels’ statistics using the Youtube stats tool, and making a pick, it is important to find out exactly how much you need to budget for your influencer marketing relationship with the influencer.

youtube channelYouTube Channel calculator comes in here. Distinct from other tools, it provides brands with the most accurate market value of brand sponsorship for each YouTuber. This way, you can easily draw up your Influencer Marketing Campaign Budget and also effectively bargain with YouTubers. It also saves you time as you will be able to know if you can afford a YouTuber or not before negotiating and failing with him.

YouTube Channel Compare: the number of YouTubers you can work with depends on the size and flexibility of your budget. If your budget is limited,  YouTube Channel Compare is the appropriate tool with which you can find the most suitable YouTuber.

5, YouTube video tracker: after finding, selecting and entering into an influencer Marketing Relationship with the suitable YouTuber using the above-mentioned tools, it is important you find a way to measure and track the success of your promotional video. Using  YouTube Video Tracker, you can easily track the performance of your promotional video and see real time results.

Through this tool, you can easily manage contents created by YouTubers found on Noxinfluencer and others. All you need do is create a video tracking task and have firsthand access to 30 days content performance and 180 days status monitoring as soon as you create the YouTube Video Tracking Task.  The comprehensive data reports can also be easily shared, exported and directly used for your next presentations.

As earlier stated, brands and marketers need to tap into the new trend in Marketing, i.e., Influencer Marketing. To do this, they need access to an Influencer Marketing Platform which will ease the entire process from finding an influencer to seeing the effects of the campaign. Noxinfluencer is a leader among Influencer Marketing Platforms as it possesses all the attributes an ideal Influencer Marketing Platform should possess. These attributes include experience, professionalism, flexibility, and versatility. Also, they also have features in place to protect both parties of an influencer marketing relationship (influencers and brands/marketers) while making the entire process easy, quick and simple.

As a marketer or brand owner, it is important that you try out Influencer Marketing and what better platform to create a relationship with except Noxinfluencer.

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