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Over the years television programming has become more personalized. You now have entire TV stations dedicated to home and gardening, cooking, and business. These television stations bring in millions of viewers daily. Which got me to thinking, are there other popular industries that could pull in similar audiences? After going through my thoughts, I uncovered more than a few.

Here are my top five industries that deserve their own networks.


A parent’s duties are never done. Besides just trying to raise their kids to be smart, successful, and responsible, there are also different stages of parenting that come with their own set of challenges. There are newborns, toddlers, grade schoolers, pre-teens, teens, and young adult children. With this in mind, it’s not far-fetched to imagine a TV channel dedicated solely to parenting. One area that could bring immense value to parents is a show that demystifies teens and pre-teens always changing trends and products. I really want to see this channel created. It could without a doubt enrich the lives of million of parents and children alike.

Digital marketing and strateg

As a digital marketer myself I can tell you a channel dedicated to the industry would never run out of content. You have social media management, search engine optimization, e-commerce, and emerging trends. The digital landscape is always in flux as the company’s that dominate the online world continue to alter their algorithms and best practices. Companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon to name a few. I would most like to see a daily roundtable of digital strategist debate the latest industry trends, similar to what you see on CNBC’s Fast Money.

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The health industry

I imagine a channel of this nature to be a televised version of Web MD. Doctors going over symptoms of illnesses, hospital reality shows, and tips to avoid common ailments. Having a live Doctor on call for a 30-minute segment similar to the Home Shopping Network might be pretty interesting also.

Hair & Makeup

The hair and makeup industry undoubtedly has an eager fan base ready to learn the latest beauty tips and new products to try. A channel dedicated to this would quickly pull in an audience of both watchers and advertisers ready to dish out big bucks. Besides just hair and makeup tutorials, they could present things like interviews with hair stylist, celebrity makeup artist, and even news panel type discussions about new products and industry trends.

Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking Channel

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an all vegan and vegetarian version of the Food Network? One of the difficulties of taking up a vegan diet is finding delicious recipes. A channel dedicated to the craft of cooking vegan foods would eliminate that. A network that covers this topic and related news would be a hit.


The industries on this list all have experts, enthusiast, and a growing fanbase. Why don’t they have their own dedicated TV channels? That question is beyond my realm of knowledge. I think television station execs would be wise to consider at least a few of these industries for spinoff networks. Judging by the online audiences they garner, they definitely have an eager pool of watchers.

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