FlipHTML5 Digital Catalog Software Is an All-in-One Online Marketing Tool


Creating digital catalogs is a big challenge to businesses because it would require creativity to coherently present information to the readers. Figuring out ways to effectively distribute these catalogs to their target readers is another predicament to face. Luckily, the CEO of FlipHTML5 was able to provide solutions on these matters by enumerating the advantages that FlipHTML5 users can get in using this digital catalog software.

Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, said, “Those who are looking for dynamism so that their online business will succeed must use FlipHTML5. This digital catalog software has powerful features that will allow its users to create compelling online contents.”

So what do users get from FlipHTML5? This digital catalog software has all the basic components that publishers are looking for, such as the capacity of converting PDF files into digital catalogs with flipping and animation effects. Catalogs created from FlipHTML5 will definitely kill the boredom brought by reading a plain text. At the same time, FlipHTML5 catalogs will draw the attention of many readers by integrating rich media contents such as audio and video files. Another best thing about FlipHTML5 is the compatibility of published catalogs when viewed on all types of devices. Sharing these contents online, whether by emailing or sharing them on the social network, is also too easy.

Moreover, this digital catalog software is free, but its users can upgrade to cost-effective plans anytime. The Pro, Gold, Platinum and Enterprise versions of FlipHTML5 will let users have access to more robust features of the digital catalog software. On the businesses’ perspectives, plan upgrade will give them more advantages. Making quality catalogs with built-in search engine optimization is very profitable. Google analytics will enable them to monitor the views and assess the return on investment of their published digital catalogs. Even hosting ads is possible with the paid version, allowing businesses to earn additional income through this feature.

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FlipHTML5 has been tested and proven to be effective in marketing by using online catalogs. In fact, many catalog designs and ideas can be viewed at FlipHTML5 website.

About FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 Software Co. Ltd. is a world leading provider of digital publishing software. For many years, They have focused on the research and development of outstanding range of e-publishing software for users around the world. Furthermore, they offer customized solutions for publishers in different industries.

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