Former “Produce X 101” Contestant Yun Seo Bin Reportedly Searching For New Agency

Yun Seo Bin is reportedly looking for a new agency.

A source from the entertainment industry said, “Yun Seo Bin is contacting new agencies. I’m slightly surprised that he’s looking for a new agency right away because it hasn’t been long since his past became controversial.”

After Mnet’s “Produce X 101” started to air, someone posted online claiming to have known the former JYP trainee during his school days and claimed that Yun Seo Bin, who was known by his birth name Yun Byung Hwee at the time, was well known in Gwangju for being a school bully who committed violence ever since he was in middle school.

On May 8, JYP Entertainment announced that the agency’s contract with Yun Seo Bin had been terminated and that he was leaving “Produce X 101” following rumors of him being a school bully and drinking and smoking underage. JYP Entertainment explained that they believed their company’s values were not being upheld.

Yun Seo Bin apologized in an interview with Ilgan Sports, after which he posted a handwritten letter of apology. He commented, “It is true that I partied in high school, and I am still reflecting a lot about that. I am apologetic to JYP Entertainment and the ‘Produce X 101’ production team as it has resulted in this.” He also explained that changing his name and quitting school was not an attempt to hide his past.

Currently, Yun Seo Bin is reportedly not only looking at artist-centered agencies, but also agencies centered around actors.

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