Former YG trainee Han Seo Hee explains her involvement in B.I’s drug case with lengthy SNS post

In the early morning hours of June 14, former YG Entertainment trainee Han Seo Hee shared a lengthy post via her Instagram to explain her full involvement in former iKON member B.I‘s illegal drug case. Back on June 13, media outlets exposed Han Seo Hee as the female ‘A‘ mentioned in B.I’s drug case. 

Read Han Seo Hee’s full post below: 

“I’m overseas. I’m okay. I’m going back to Korea in two days, but don’t worry. In truth, I didn’t know that my name would be revealed this early [in the controversy]. I admit that I’m flustered and scared, but I’m trying to stay firm so don’t worry about me. Up until now, I know that I’ve lived however I wanted, acting impulsively based on my emotions and using speech which caused discomfort toward others; I admit to my mistakes and am reflecting on them. However, I want to ask that you all view this current case separately from my personality. I know very well that I’m not a favored person to you all. It’s true that I was at fault for creating such an image of myself. But you have to see this case in a separate light. Don’t place focus on who I am in this case. Please.”

Then, in a comment accompanying her SNS post (which has since been deleted), Han Seo Hee added, 

“To add on to this, I’m not trying to lessen my penalty by pleading with you or anything. I am already carrying out the penalty that I received from my involvement in using LSD and marijuana in August of 2016, as well as using marijuana again in October of 2016 with T.O.P. The two cases were merged in my case. And I’m not a seller, I issue the drugs. I pay dealer ‘C‘ with my own money and receive the drugs from them, and afterward, I delivered it to Kim Han Bin for the exact same price. People are saying that I’m a dealer associate, but technically, I’m not. I had no monetary gain from it. Everything will come to light in a proper interview. If police decide to reinvestigate this case, then I plan to participate in the investigation diligently. The one thing I’m worried about is that the key point in this case is that Yang Hyun Suk personally became involved in this case through threatening, and inside dealings with police, but I’m worried that I will become the center of criticism solely due to the fact that a person like me is the ‘witness’, so I beg of you all to please keep this case separate from me as a person.Lastly, I know it doesn’t do any good to say this now, but I tried to stop Kim Han Bin until the end… to not do it…” 

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