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Looking for free SEO tools?

Here I have compiled a lot of tools which are free that you can start using right away.

Before that,

Almost all web marketers have changed their online website marketing techniques after the Google Panda and Penguin updates. Websites get penalized, or rankings go down due to lack of onsite optimization that includes basics such as missing/inappropriate title, description, header tags, image alter tags and poor quality content, plus the traditional way of getting links from low-quality sources.

Now, things get changed webmasters are taking care of all promotional aspects including onsite & offsite optimization. Whether you have a small business or a big online store, you must follow all Google and other search engine guidelines to rank well and avoid penalizing issue.

It doesn’t matter you have internet marketing agency or promoting your own website, you should have few necessary SEO tools that can help to run your SEO campaign smoothly as well as help grow your online business.

Here, you will find many free SEO tools which are needed to run a successful SEO Campaign.

Free SEO Tools For On-site Optimization

Onsite optimization helps improve a website’s usability and search rankings. It also reduces the bounce rate. It is advisable to develop SEO friendly webpage optimization to improve search rankings. There are few basic things such as Meta Title, Meta Description, Header Tags, Images and Alt Tags plus duplicate content (to avoid Google Panda penalty). These are important things for on-site optimization. Here you will see two free SEO tools that help in a basic SEO audit.

1. Answer the Public

Answer the public helps you find questions around the topic that you are targeting. You can pick those questions and place it in your article.

This will help you to quickly rank on why, how and what related keywords.

For example, I searched for “Free SEO tools” in Amswerthepublic and it gave me suggestions to include

Answer the Public

Free SEO tools for bloggers, for backlinks and so on.

You will get free suggestions on the following categories:

  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons
  • Alphabetical
  • Related

This is perhaps one of the best free stuff you can find for your SEO needs.

Check out Answer the public

2. Google search console

Google search console

A lot of newbies are not aware of how Google search console can help them improve the website SEO. This is perhaps the best free SEO app on the planet for now. Using Google search console you can quickly find the following:

  • Which all pages are indexed on your site
  • Which keywords are driving traffic
  • From where are you getting links from
  • Top linked pages
  • Anchor text

These stats are not as pretty as what Ahrefs offer, but it is the most reliable data. Google search console shows data that Google sees for your or your client website, whereas other tools usually relies on data from 3rd party vendors.

You should start by verifying your website to Google search console and submitting your sitemap. This way, Google search console will start collecting and showing data for your website.

Head over to Google search console

3. SEMRush

SEMRush is a complete SEO suite and it’s a premium tool. However, not a lot of users know, they do have a free plan which doesn’t even require a credit card. Here is what you will get from SEMRush in the free plan:

  • One project to set up;
  • Up to ten rows of data in Analytic reports;
  • Max. ten daily requests in Analytics tools;
  • Max ten KWs to track in Position Tracking Tool;
  • Ten SEO ideas units (number of KW analysis runs for the On-Page SEO Checker tool);
  • 100 Pages crawl limit with Site Audit
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For a small website, this free plan is good enough to test the power of SEMRush and enjoy some of the premium benefits. If you like, you can read SEMRUsh review to learn more and we also have a SEMRush Trial Coupon code.

Head over to SEMRush

4. Frase

Frase Content SEO tool

Frase is a unique SEO tool for content optimization. It let you quickly analyze your content in competition with top 10 results and let you find what’s missing in your content. This way of data backed optimization helps to improve the content SEO score quickly. Another feature that made Frase worthy of listing here is integration with Google search console.

It directly pulls data from Google search console and let you see which content is ranking for which terms. You can then feed the content to the AI layer of Frase and perform optimization. The tool also offers integration with WordPress, Medium and few other platforms.

The free plan offers optimization of 10 documents which itself is worth a lot.

Optimize your content with Frase

5. WooRank Chrome extension

WooRank Chrome extension

WooRank is a popular Instant SEO checker and SEO audit tool. They offer a free Chrome extension which let you quickly analyze a webpage SEO. Using this free extension, you can do a lot more than what’s listed below:

  • Find broken links on the page
  • Check the meta title, description of page
  • Heading tags
  • In-page links
  • Technologies used
  • Traffic rank

As a free website analysis tool, this offers a lot of features which usually should be paid.

Download WooRank extension

6. Mangools (Keyword research, Backlinks & More)

Free keyword lookup tool

Mangools is a popular SEO suite and they have a free tier which is available for anyone. This SEO suite consists of many tools and in the free tier you will get access to:

  • Keyword finder (Research keywords)
  • SiteProfiler (Website audit)
  • SERP checker (Google SERP competitor analysis tool)
  • Linkminer (backlink checker tool)

Especially for a mini website, this free version is feature rich. You will get premium SEO features for free with these suite of SEO tools.

Create your free account

7. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is the best software to check the basic onsite issues by crawling website’s links, images, CSS, script, and apps. It lets you quickly audit and review a medium to a large size website.

The main benefit is to export important onsite SEO basics such as title, Meta description, headings, etc., to an Excel file.

A brief overview:

  • Page Title: Missing, Duplicate, over 70 characters, below 30 characters, same as H1.
  • Meta Description: Missing, duplicate, over 156 characters, below 70 characters.
  • H1 & H2: Missing, duplicate, over 70 characters.
  • Images: All URIs with the image link & all images from a given page. Images over 100kb, missing alt text, alt text over 100 characters.
  • Redirects: (3XX, permanent or temporary) and more.

Download Screamingfrog Spider

8. Page Speed insight tool

As page speed is now a ranking factor, it’s critical for you to analyze website speed both on desktop and mobile. This free tool from Google is perfect companion for you.

One important thing; it shows the speed score instead of load time.

  • It’s easy to use
  • Shows speed score for the desktop
  • Shows speed score for mobile
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There are suggestions at the end which will help you to take action and improve the load time.

Check out Google Page Speed tool


ThinkwithGoogle test my site is a perfect companion for mobile site testing.


Head over to test my site


There are many tools available online to find out plagiarism and duplicate content, but that tool is to check external resources. is the best online tool which gives you a detailed report (duplicate content, broken links, internal page ranking) of your site based on internal linking structure. However, there is one limitation. It currently checks only 500 prominent pages of your site.

Free SEO Tools for Off-site Optimization:

After Google’s algorithmic update (Panda and Penguin), web marketers are now taking care of getting links from external resources. It’s advisable to check essential website elements such as Google page rank, Domain age, Moz domain authority, page authority, contact details for a guest post, etc. There are many things which one should consider before getting links from an external resource.

10. SEO Tools for Excel

Niels Bosma has found great SEO tools for MS Excel that can help run some function (page rank, meta title, description, domain age, page authority, and domain authority) without leaving the sheet. Visit here to install free SEO tools for Excel.

The main benefits of using SEO tools for Excel is you can fetch a number of data without leaving the Excel sheet.

SEO Tools for Excel

11. Competitor Anchor Text Analysis Tools

After finishing the onsite optimization, the next step is to promote the website using other methods like a Press Release, getting links from same niche, guest post links, and article promotion links. Getting links from different quality resources is slightly difficult because webmasters have to do the litter exercise to get quality links. Before targeting any numbers of keywords, a better idea is to find out the competitor’s most traffic generated keywords.

MajesticSEO is the best tool, and almost every web marketer is aware of it. It gives an idea about your competitor’s inbound links.


In the free version, you will get an idea about the most targeted anchor text of competitor that gives you a plan to focus on such keywords which ultimately generate more traffic.

Competitor Anchor Text Analysis Tools

12. Keyword Rank Checker Tool

At the end of the month/week, it’s mandatory to check keywords ranking position so as to know how your website’s promotion works affect keywords SERP. If there are 10 or 20 keywords, one can easily do a manual check, but what if it’s more than that?

There are many other free and paid keyword rank checker tool out there, but here are a few that have been reviewed by ShoutMeLoud:

  • 5 Excellent websites to check Google keyword ranking

Conclusion: Free SEO tools

Every web marketer is promoting their website and strives hard to get ranking as well as generate sales and inquiry, but the main thing is how you can smoothly complete your task by using free SEO tools.

If you have a good marketing budget and are looking at a cutting-edge SEO product for your business, you should look into SEMRUSH or Ahrefs. For content, Frase should be your go-to tool. Be smart and run your SEO campaign effectively.

Do let me know what other free SEO tools and software you use to manage your SEO campaign. If you find this article useful, do consider sharing it on Facebook and LinkedIn

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