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You may have once come across the old story of the Gold Rush. The big lesson that we’re supposed to learn is that the biggest winners from that situation were not the people who went out in search of gold; the biggest winners were the people selling shovels and pickaxes. It’s with that frame of mind that I approached today’s review as we take a closer look at the BetAdvert affiliate program.

Place Your Bets

Who is going to win the big game this weekend? Team “Red” might win, but Team “Blue” might win too. From the perspective of the person placing a wager on the game, they might win and they might not. And even from the perspective of whoever it is that is taking the bet, winning isn’t absolutely certain either. But you, as an affiliate with BetAdvert, can practically guarantee your victory and pocket the cash almost immediately.

BetAdvert is the affiliate program for the company’s corresponding website BetFAQ. The latter site offers betting tips for people who want to wager on a variety of professional sports, like football, hockey and basketball. They go through and make their analysis of the match, looking at past history between the teams and so forth, before arriving at a prediction.

Much of what you find on the site are free tips, but where you’ll make your money is through the premium predictions. When someone decides to pay for one of these, you get a cut of the revenue. That’s where you’re “guaranteed” winnings come from, because you get paid regardless of which team wins the game.

Breaking Down the Program

Understanding the way it works is actually very simple. Every time that anyone you refer to BetFAQ pays for a premium prediction, you earn a 50% commission on that sale. This isn’t just for the first sale either. You get paid every time the person you refer makes a purchase.

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Given BetFAQ’s demonstrated performance in delivering great sports predictions, and how the premium predictions truly are a notch above what users can get for free through the site, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that once a customer converts on that first order, they’re rather likely to come back and make any other purchase.

The net result is that you get paid again and again and again for referring that customer to BetFAQ the first time. Customers on the site are offered a 100% guarantee on premium predictions, so if it turns out incorrect, they’ll get another premium prediction for free. But your money is already in your pocket.

The price for a single premium prediction is $50, a pack of five premium predictions is $140, and a one month premium subscription is $500. In all of these cases, BetAdvert operates on a revenue share model with you at 50%, resulting in a net commission of $25 to $250 per transaction. They say that the average client sticks around for five months making four purchases for a total of $350. This means, on average, you’ll earn $175 for every client you refer.

They claim that “usual earning of successful partners” with BetAdvert is $3,500 to $9,000 a month.

Remember that BetFAQ doesn’t make any bets or accept any wagers itself, so you are not strictly involved in any sort of “gambling” behavior. This is a big reason why BetAdvert accepts traffic from all over the world without restriction. What their customers decide to do with the information they gain from tips and predictions is entirely up to them.

Make Money Sooner

The BetAdvert affiliate program offers a number of key benefits and advantages in addition to the features highlighted above. Of course, you get access to a good range of promotional materials — like banner and landing pages — to attract those clients and you can work with BetAdvert whether or not you have a website of your own. They’ll accept nearly all types of traffic with the noted exceptions of incentivized, cash back and spam.

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Perhaps one of the most attractive elements of working with BetAdvert is the incredibly flexible payment policy. With most other affiliate programs on the Internet, your funds are typically restricted by a hold of 30 to 45 days. Even if you refer someone who immediately converts, you won’t see that money for at least a month. What’s more, most programs also have a minimum threshold you need to pass before they’ll issue a payment at all.

Neither is the case with BetAdvert. There are no holds and no minimums. You can usually get your money within one to five days of a confirmed conversion. They’ll pay any sum (remember that you’ll make at least $25 on a single sale) and, as mentioned, they accept global traffic. About 60 to 70% of active clients convert within the first month of registration.

Ready to Play?

If you have traffic (or know how to get traffic) that’s related to sports and sports betting, it’d be a good idea to register today for BetAdvert. The generous payment policy means that you’ll have more money in your pocket sooner. Enjoy a simple, convenient interface with full access to detailed statistics, the ability to create subaccounts for more accurate tracking, and an attractive lifetime value for every referral you send. Sounds like a solid bet to me.

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