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Discosloth is a digital marketing company co-founded by Gil Gildner and Anya Crijanovschi Gildner. Within a short period of its establishment, the company expanded its client reach to six continents offering innovative search marketing solutions to leading companies like Volvo, AirTreks, Tyson and Heiferamong others. Each employee at the fully remote company works from home or abroad, with the ability to operate from anywhere with a laptop and internet, to help the company increase client sales via Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, or SEO campaigns.

Discosloth has been featured in media like the New York Times, Inc, and The Washington Post among others, for its unique business approach. Most recently, Gil and Anya published the book Becoming A Digital Marketer: Gaining the Hard & Soft Skills For A Tech-Driven Career as an introduction for entry-level marketers to the field.

We got in touch with Gil to know more about his company and services.

Interviewer: It was interesting seeing a digital marketer use an old-fashioned method (traditional publishing) for your content. Do you have a background in writing? Give us a brief introduction about your background, Gil.

Gil Gildner: My background is actually in media – I spent the first five years of my career working as a freelance photojournalist and filmmaker for NGOs, so I did do a lot of writing. Even though traditional publishing might seem old-fashioned, it’s still an excellent platform. It has a difficult barrier to entry but the hard work pays off.

Interviewer: What inspired you to start Discosloth?

Gil Gildner: Anya and I had each been working in the world of digital marketing for years. We simply knew we could do it better than most companies were doing it. Plus, I think we’re better cofounders than employees. If you can’t find a company you fit into well, you’ve got to create that company for yourself.

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Interviewer: Tell us something about the book, Becoming A Digital Marketer.

Gil Gildner: The book is a guide for entry-level marketers – perhaps fresh grads getting into the field, or someone moving laterally from another industry. We found that a lot of small businesses, for example, need digital marketing but simply can’t afford to hire an outside firm or a full-time position just for that. So learning how to do it yourself is extremely important. Our book covers just that: the hard skills and the soft skills needed to be successful in digital marketing. SEO, PPC, email marketing, web design, those are all hard skills that are really important to understand. Soft skills are more career-oriented: how to position yourself as a freelancer, how to charge clients, how to communicate well, how to think about the future of marketing.

Interviewer: What are your and Anya Gildner’s responsibilities as co-founders at Discosloth?

Gil Gildner: Anya is directly involved with our day-to-day work, supervising employees and working on strategies for our clients. As well, she’s started speaking and presenting at conferences, which is new for us. I’m focused on client interaction, sales, and writing a lot of content for our company. As we’ve grown, our roles have changed and more time has allowed us to explore new challenges, so we do spend quite a bit of time each week learning about new technologies and brainstorming ideas for the future.

Interviewer: So what are those plans? What is new for Discosloth in the near future?

Gil Gildner: We’re focusing more and more on medium-sized businesses, providing the same paid ads and search engine optimization that we’ve done since day one. However we’re doing a lot more with content (publishing books, guides, websites, and articles) and spending a lot of time on tech (with plans on developing some tools and software). 

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