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Canon have just announced a new ‘activity camera’, called the Canon IVY REC, set to take on the action camera market. They’re gauging interest, with no set release day yet but from what we know so far, it looks pretty cool.

Key Features:
– 13MP / 1080p @ 60fps
– WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity
– Waterproof upto 2meters & 30 minutes (IP68)
– Shockproof from 2m high impacts
– USB charging & microSD card ports
– Canon Mini Cam App, allowing remote view, file sharing and editing

Designed to capture the spirit of the great outdoors, the Canon IVY REC is a fun and easy to use activity camera, that clips to a belt, bag or slips into a pocket seamlessly. Waterproof and shockproof, the rugged Canon IVY REC is made to go where the moment takes you.

Weighing only 90 grams, the Canon IVY REC features 13.0 Megapixels, allowing adventure seekers to capture quality images and Full HD videos to a microSD card. Waterproof to a depth of 2 metres for 30 minutes and designed to withstand an impact from up to 2 metres, this lightweight and portable camera is equipped to survive the elements and challenging environments. What’s more, there is no screen to crack as the clip doubles as a viewfinder and can be attached to a belt, bag or lanyard for easy access, making it the perfect camera for thrill seekers.


From skiing, skateboarding, water sports or mountain biking, this robust camera is designed to handle extreme sports or more leisurely outdoor activities with ease. Its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity allows social media savvy users to instantly share their images and videos using the free Canon Mini Cam app with compatible iOS and Android devices. The app features fun image editing and Remote Live View capability, enabling users to view their images or videos wirelessly from the camera’s perspective.

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in four eye-catching and vibrant colours: Dragon fruit (Pink), Avocado (Green),
Stone (Grey) and Riptide (Blue), this fun camera is the perfect accessory for
those seeking to capture and share spontaneous moments with the world, without
risking damage to a smartphone.

I’m not sure how popular this will be with sports and activity folk, I like the idea in principle but no screen, not completely sure what you’re shooting or having to use your smart device to monitor is not ideal. That being said, the image quality could be decent and it’s very portable.

You can submit your interest in the product now and Canon will keep you updated.

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