Google Adds Job Listings & Details Filters To The Search Analytics Report

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Google announced on Twitter that there is a new filter available within Google Search Console’s Search Analytics report under the search appearance section for both “job listings” and “job details.” This is around the new job posting schema that launched a month ago for Google For Jobs in search.

It is no surprise Google added this feature to this report, they often add more schema reporting when they really want to promote usage of schema by webmasters.

Here is how you can find the filter in the search analytics report:

The difference between job listing and job details is that job listings is the short and summarized job posting and the job details is the more detailed version. From search, you would get the job listings short version first and when you click on it you would get the job details version after with more details.

Job listings on the left and job details on the right of the screen shot below:

click for full size

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