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I went fast, covered a lot, really fast, sorry – I forgot to slow down but hopefully you can play this video in slow motion? I covered the Google search algorithm tremors from this week. Google is testing showing ads in the Google Assistant. Google hints that signals in a duplicate content cluster go up to the page that Google shows in their search results. Google again says publishers should focus a bit more on image and video search results. Google said there is no internal link over optimization penalty. Google’s Indexing API may be expanded and if it is, it will be interesting. Google Search Console sent out notifications around mobile app properties not being supported and to remove Google+ buttons. You can now reply to your Google Maps reviews in Google Maps desktop. Google is opting in businesses to receive calls from the Google Assistant. Google added a “get in line” feature for joining wait lists for table reservations. Google Posts content can be seen in some local finders. Google image search added a “recently viewed” section. Google is testing showing favicon in top stories. Google is also testing trending icons in the people carousel. Google can show up to 12 videos in a grid for web search queries. Google auto complete may be testing a new design. Google launches shopping product card buttons in desktop search. Google Flights seems to be showing up less in the past 24 hours in the search results. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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