Google Assistant iOS app adds Siri shortcut, making it easier for iPhone users to say Okay Google

Google has released an update to its Google Assistant app for iOS that brings Siri Shortcut support to the app. That means you can now trigger the Google Assistant by saying “Hey Siri, OK Google.” This will make it easier for iOS users to ask Google questions while being completely hands free. They no longer need to open the Google Assistant app to trigger the feature.

How do you set this up? Make sure to go to the App Store and download the Google Assistant app and/or update your current Google Assistant app to the latest version. Open the Google Assistant app on your iOS device, iPhone or iPad. Then you should see a card at the top that has a button to “Add to Siri.” It looks like this:

The device will then ask you to record you saying “Ok Google.”

You then say, “Ok Google:”

Then it asks you to confirm the recording, where you can click either the option to re-record or done:

That is it, you are now set up to use the Google Assistant by just saying “Hey Siri, Ok Google.”

How does Siri Shortcuts work with the Google Assistant? All you need to do is pick up your iPhone or iOS device and say, “Hey Siri.” Then when Siri comes up, just say, “OK Google.” Then the Google Assistant app will come up and listen for your next command.

Here is a video I recorded (without audio) of this in action:

Why does this matter? This potentially can bring more Google searches to iOS users. It is some what hard to do Google searches on your iPhone completely hands free. You would have to either go to the Google Assistant or Google app and talk to it manually or go to your mobile Safari browser and type it in. Now, if you are driving down the parkway, you can just say “Hey Siri, Okay Google” and ask it what you want to know. The Google Assistant is way smarter than Siri, and this Shortcut unlocks the power of a completely handsfree Google Assistant experience on your iOS device.

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