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Chrome is comfortably the most popular web browser in the world and Google regularly updates the application with handy new features to boost productivity and improve stability.

However, the latest upgrade in the works for Chrome isn’t focused on work at all. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

Google is seemingly working on a number of built-in games for the Chrome browser. Blog ChromeStory spotted clues that a new games hub will be added to the web browser, including “Snake” which gained popularity when Nokia preinstalled the it on its range of mobile phones, including the immensely-successful Nokia 3310.

According to the evidence seen by ChromeStory, the next major version of Chrome will have a hub page designed entirely for games. It’s unclear exactly how this page will appear within the browser.

However, code buried in the latest version of Google Chrome suggests it will be housed under the Top Sites header on Android smartphones.

It’s unclear whether Chrome will play host to original games – like the recently launched Apple Arcade on iOS 13 and iPadOS – or whether it will be home to a number of existing online titles.

According to ChromeStory, there is evidence a game called “PROXX” which is credited to “Google Chrome Labs,” will be one of the first to launch on the browser.

This suggests Google is building some of its own creations for the games hub, not just re-hashing the greatest hits from the Nokia 3310.

Google hasn’t announced plans to bring games to its browser, so it’s possible this update never makes it to release. However, we’ve got everything crossed that we’ll be able to access a whole suite of titles – like Snake, and whatever PROXX turns out to be – inside a Google Chrome tab very soon.

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Of course, Google already has one very addictive game already built-in.

If you’re without an active internet connection, the browser will display an image of a dinosaur with the message “There is no internet connection”. Hitting the space bar – or tapping the touchscreen on mobile – will kickstart an endless runner-style video game with the dinosaur.

Players have to jump over cacti at an increasingly breakneck pace.

Sure, it’s simple enough, but soon becomes addictive and you might find yourself sabotaging your own Wi-Fi to keep playing and get a new High Score.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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