Google Former Programmatic Head To Lead iQuanti Paid Media 05/13/2019

Nine-year Google
veteran Sreekant Lanka, former head of programmatic, has left to lead paid media at iQuanti.

The company recently launched a platform for search supported by analytics. The enterprise search
engine optimization platform aims to make campaign decisions more predictable for SEO professionals.

Now, iQuanti is working on paid solutions to drive much better targeting and greater
effectiveness. Lanka will lead the effort.

“I like the data-driven philosophy at iQuanti, specifically when looking at marketing, combined with its unique position in SEO,” he
said.  “I thought I could bring my learning and experience in the paid side to come up with a more comprehensive story.”   

In his new role, Lanka now leads
iQuanti’s analytics-driven paid-media practice and will oversee all paid products, including programmatic, social and search.



Lanka brings more than 20 years of digital advertising
experience to iQuanti’s paid-channel business  and will oversee iQuanti’s channel SMEs, solution specialists, and paid-media campaign operations.

agencies and media folks only think about bits, budgets, and the monetary aspects,” he said. “The landing-page quality and how well that works are not as easy to

During his years at Google, Lanka worked in different areas ranging from Google Ads — called Google AdWords at the time — to programmatic. During that time he also
held senior positions within Google sales in Mountain View, California.

Lanka also worked as a Strategy Consultant at Accenture, prior to his time at Google, where he worked with financial
services clients to drive operational efficiency of technology and realizing the value of their IT investments.

He also serves as an advisor and investor to a few startups in India to help
guide their marketing strategy. Educated in both India and the United States, Lanka holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Andhra University, a Master’s degree in
Computer Science from Texas A&M University, and an MBA from INSEAD.  

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