Green Lotus CEO, Bassem Ghali, Shares The Latest Strategies In Online Marketing, October 17, 2019 in Toronto

Business professionals, marketing managers and entrepreneurs are invited to attend “Double Your Sales with Google in 3 Steps in 2020” workshop led by Bassem Ghali, October 17 at CSI Toronto.

TORONTO, Oct. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Green Lotus hosts an Online Marketing Workshop, October 17 at CSI Toronto, where CEO and Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner, Bassem Ghali, will share his insights and best practices on how to develop an effective online marketing strategy for 2020, optimize marketing budgets and resources, and maximize return on investment.

The buying process has changed, and businesses need to find new ways to reach prospective clients. Instead of getting leads through old-school mass advertising, businesses must now focus their resources on generating the most cost-effective, qualified leads, in their targeted area(s). In today’s competitive online marketplace, it is vital to have an effective marketing strategy in order to capture online leads, and convert them into sales.

This Online Marketing Workshop is designed for business owners and marketing professionals who want the knowledge, skills and ability to manage a successful online marketing strategy, track results, and generate a profit. Attendees will learn how to how to plan an online marketing strategy through search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and dominating search verticals (such as images, videos, maps and news).

Once a business has gained traction online, boosted its search engine ranking and started gaining online traffic, it is vital that their website perform and convert traffic into leads. Green Lotus Smart Site Website Builder is a prime example of a website platform that is built for search engines; a secure website, backed by a lightning-fast server to ensure high speed and optimized for user experience on any device.

Innovative website builders like Smart Site allow businesses to create a one-to-one user experience with their brand online, speaking directly to potential customers and their needs. The personalization options available are a game-changer for businesses trying to convert traffic into leads. Specific actions and personalized content can be set up to alter website layout and information based on defined triggers (such as time of day, day of the year, geographic location, number of previous visits, and more). As an example, if John Doe visits a retailer’s website for the 3rd time right before Christmas, he could be shown a ‘welcome back’ message tailored to him, a list of ‘recently viewed’ items from his last visits, and a popup displaying a discount code for a Christmas discount. “Personalized content and unique offers not only engage users but also provide an incentive to buy, and convert into a sale for the business,” says Bassem Ghali.

More About Bassem Ghali and Green Lotus Digital Marketing Agency:
Bassem is a search engine marketing strategist and speaker with more than 15 years of experience managing online marketing strategies for Canadian and international corporations including Canadian Tire, VistaPrint, Remax Canada, Egypt Air, Xplornet, Direct Energy and Toronto Star.

Demonstrated success in digital marketing has led to speaking engagements at marketing events around the world, and the honour of winning the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presented by the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals!

Bassem is the driving force behind Green Lotus and has a knack for creating innovative online marketing strategies and tools for medium, large businesses and non-profits. In addition to providing digital marketing services, Green Lotus places emphasis on education and training; empowering entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive online marketplace.


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