Guide to XRP to BTC Exchange

Guide to XRP to BTC Exchange

The fast development of the world is difficult to imagine without the advancement of technology. Trading and online banking are the spheres that are also greatly influenced by technology. Currently, you may make investments with real money or asset and use digital currencies. Unlike real money, digital currencies do not have centralized management, and they do not belong to any government or organization. Their popularity is linked to their market circulation and network cap. Most cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology. Each transaction done on any platform consists of a single block. The information about the transactions is available for every user; however, the personal data is not revealed in public. Therefore, no one can learn the details of a transaction maker. There are hundreds of various cryptocurrencies circulating in the market. Some of them are the most popular ones, and most of the transactions are done by them. You may exchange real money or asset for a digital value, and one cryptocurrency can be exchanged for another one. BTC and XRP are brilliant examples of successful cryptocurrencies. This brief review is devoted to a short introduction to those currencies and how to exchange XRP to BTC. You may get more information about each currency on 

What is BTC?

Bitcoin is one of the most influential cryptocurrencies leading the market. Its coin is called BTC. This crypto was launched in 2009 by a person whose identity is not known up to now. BTC offers lower transaction fees to its user, one of the most attractive features for investors. Furthermore, BTC uses peer-to-peer blockchain technology. This means that there is no third party included in the transactions. The absence of a third party means the security of personal data is guaranteed. Moreover, it decreases the chances of hacking. Since its foundations, BTC has gone through many ups and downs; however, its popularity is still influential in the market. 

What is XRP?

XRP or Ripple acts as a cryptocurrency for financial transactions. The platform was launched in 2012. The founders were Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb. XRP is its token. This cryptocurrency uses a consensus mechanism. As a result, the transaction done on the platform is done within seconds. Its token, however, is one of the most influential ones in the market. Unlike BTC, transactions with this cryptocurrency cost less, are done within seconds, and use less energy. 

How to convert XRP to BTC?

If you are interested in XRP to BTC exchange, you may use Letsexchnage – a cryptocurrency instant exchange online. Follow these steps to complete the conversion; 

  • Choose the exchange platform that matches your transaction expectations, 
  • Create an online wallet and charge it with the tokens, 
  • Select the crypto that you want to purchase, 
  • Indicate the wallet address that you want to send the bought tokens, 
  • Complete the exchange by clicking on the “Send” button. 

Even a person with low computer skills may have no technical issue while making exchanges. However, if you encounter it, you may contact the customer support service. 

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