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Hello America. Remember Us? The World?

We used to look up to you. Hell, we gave you the keys to the Free World.

You were our hero. We wanted to be like you. We bought into your culture, your way of life. Your way of being.

Yet now? I think we’re breaking up.

Sure. Our relationship has been stretched for a few months now. But we thought we could rein it back in.

But we can’t. You’ve changed too much.

You’re no longer the one we fell in love with. The one we looked up to. The one we knew we wanted our children to be like.

And we get it. People change. They fall out of love. That’s natural.

But, shit, America. My mum loved you. My grandfather would die for you (his brother did). And yet, here we are.

The love has gone.

And usually, exes get over each other. We see it as a silly part of our lives. A part of growing up and making mistakes.

But you’re different.

You feel like an ex that stalks, and hurts, and abuses.

And we don’t know if that can be fixed. We hope it can. But we’re not optimistic.

Show us we’re wrong. Show us our initial love wasn’t misplaced.

Show us we can still be adults.

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