How 8 Brands are Using to Sell on Instagram

If you’ve ever wanted to sell on Instagram, you might have been discouraged by Instagram’s lack of clickable links. 

Don’t worry, we’ve been there too. 

Lucky for you, there’s an easier way to sell on Instagram: by using by Later to create a clickable, shoppable Instagram feed.

Need some inspiration? In the following post, we look at 8 brands that are using to sell on Instagram:

How to Sell on Instagram with

Measuring ROI from Instagram is a major challenge for any business, especially when it comes to the mobile shopping experience.

70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram to discover new products, and Instagram users today now have multiple options for shopping: they can shop through links in stories, through native Instagram shopping posts, and through the link in your Instagram bio.

sell on instagram: everlane

The link in your Instagram bio is valuable real estate — you can use it to drive traffic to your website, product shopping pages, or to help your followers find out more about your services.

But with only one link to play around with, it can be difficult to stay on top of updating that URL every time you want to direct your followers to a certain place.

That’s where by Later comes in — you can tag your Instagram posts with any link you want (think product pages, articles, and blog posts!) to turn your feed into a clickable, optimized landing page.

sell on instagram

You can also check in on your Instagram analytics, track clicks and pageviews from your Later dashboard, which helps refine your Instagram strategy even further!

Want to get started with It’s free (now and forever)! 

Now that we’ve looked at how to sell on Instagram with, let’s take a look at 8 great Later customers that are already doing it: 

Sell on Instagram #1: MeUndies

When it comes to promoting products on Instagram without being overbearing or pushy, few do it as well as direct-to-consumer underwear brand MeUndies.

Just look at their feed! Featuring a healthy mix of product shots and light-hearted, cultural references, their feed is a showreel for everything MeUndies stands for: comfort, style, and confidence.

Plus, they totally nail the “soft sell” on Instagram with their fun-filled aesthetic and cheerful captions:

sell on instagram: meundies

But what about the hard sell?

According to Caroline Judd, community coordinator at MeUndies, she’s found that using Later’s feature offers the highest conversion when it comes to making sales from Instagram.

“People will view our story, then go to our feed, scroll down a bit, and say, ‘Oh my gosh, I love this print.’ And then they can click-through to our page and shop there,” she explains.

sell on instagram: meundies

By creating a shoppable landing page with, and then driving their followers to visit that link, MeUndies can link each Instagram post to the specific product page, making it easier for their followers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Check out how they do it with their Halloween-inspired Highly Spun 2.0 line. With just two taps of a finger, someone who saw MeUndies’ post on Instagram can visit their online store and either make a purchase or browse more products:

sell on instagram: meundies

Sell on Instagram #2: Well+Good

While a lot of brands use to connect their Instagram followers with their products, it’s also commonly used by publishers to drive traffic to their articles and content

Take Well+Good for example, the Insta-popular lifestyle publication has seen huge success using to drive traffic back to their website.

sell on instagram: well+good

“ by Later has been a game-changer for our Instagram strategy since we can now promote multiple articles a day,” explains Hannah Weintraub, social media manager.

“Our traffic has increased 179% YoY, largely in part to implementing,” she says.

Well+Good may not sell physical products, but the ability to add multiple links to each of their posts means that they can give their followers numerous options to choose from while they’re scrolling through their feed.

Ecommerce or not, this is extremely helpful for ensuring your followers can find what they’re looking for!

Sell on Instagram #3: Lush

When it comes to selling products on Instagram, cosmetics brand Lush understands that recommendations from other consumers can go a long, long way.

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That’s why they put their customer’s product snaps front-and-center on Instagram — it acts as a sort of peer-to-peer recommendation for new followers and potential shoppers!

sell on Instagram

In fact, by pairing UGC alongside their own promotional content, Lush can drive a ton more product sales than they would otherwise.

That’s because 85% of consumers find UGC more influential and trustworthy than brand photos or videos. 

sell on instagram: lush

When a user visits Lush’s Instagram feed, they’re greeted with everything from bath bomb reveals to face mask selfies — all provided by Lush’s highly-engaged community.

Add in a clear call-to-action to visit the link in their bio and you’ve got yourself a great strategy for driving sales on Instagram:

link in bio

Sell on Instagram #4: Patagonia

Patagonia is a rare exception in the retail world. They’ve transcended their roots in sportswear and become a global icon for environmental advocacy. And this is plainly clear on their Instagram account.

Featuring a mix of product posts, UGC and original photography, videos that raise awareness for issues they care deeply about, and more, Patagonia’s feed is as diverse as it is engaging.

And by investing in authentic storytelling, they’re able to not only share their unique value proposition but relevant product information as well — all without coming across as overly promotional!

When someone clicks-through to Patagonia’s page, they’re met with a feed of highly interesting content — they can watch a documentary, read a blog post, or shop their products.

It’s this mix of content types that makes Patagonia such an Instagram sales powerhouse. They’re doing more than just selling — they’re keeping their audience engaged on a deeper level.

This is a really important strategy for ecommerce brands — building a feed of product photos often isn’t enough to keep your audience engaged anymore.

You need to give your followers an extra reason to click on the link in your bio, whether that’s by sharing great content, videos, or something else.

Struggling with driving a ton of traffic through the link in your bio? Check out Fabiola’s top tips for driving traffic through!

Sell on Instagram #5: Ellevest

With the goal of closing the gender money gap and helping women achieve financial independence, Ellevest’s feed is filled with incredibly engaging content — from inspirational quotes to pop-cultural references and interviews with women leaders. 

And while they aren’t an ecommerce brand per se, the tech company does operate an online store where they sell merchandise — tumblers, totes, and other items that capture their brand ethos.

But you almost wouldn’t know it!

Like Patagonia, Ellevest’s promotional content is so subtle that it barely stands out on their feed.

So how are they able to make sales from Instagram? By referencing the link in their bio!

Scrolling Ellevest’s feed, you’ll find a ton of thumb-stopping content: a video interview with the company’s CEO (@sallie.krawcheck), an article inspired by Kelis’ 2006 hit “Bossy,” and so much more.

It’s the kind of content that really makes you want to read or watch more… And you can!

In nearly all of Ellevest’s posts, whether it’s promoting a blog post or new product, they make sure to include a call-to-action that inspires followers to click the link in their bio.

By doing this, they make it really clear where you can find and shop their products:

Sell on Instagram #6: Boob Design

Boob Design is another great example of an ecommerce brand behaving like a publisher.

The maternity clothing brand has built a large and loyal audience around their content, which they often promote on Instagram.

sell on instagram: boob design

Like some of the other brands we’ve discussed so far, this is a great strategy for getting your followers in the habit of clicking the link in your bio.

By providing a short tidbit of a recent blog and then referencing the link in your bio to read the whole story, you can drive a ton of traffic from Instagram to your blog.

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But it can also help you drive sales as well!

The moment you land on Boob Design’s page, you can read a blog post, click through to their homepage, or browse their products. The links are all housed in a single location, so it’s easy for their followers to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Sell on Instagram #7: Get Maude

Launched just over a year ago, modern sexual wellness brand Maude has already made a name for itself — and it’s easy to see why! They have a gorgeous aesthetic, cool products, and a unique value proposition.

But what really stands out is Maude’s Instagram captions.

They’re so good at taking product-focused posts and turning them into something way more engaging and shareable by writing these fun and educational captions.

Of course, they don’t skimp out on the call-to-action either!

sell on instagram: maude

Get Maude also uses Later’s Shopify integration to tag their products in their posts. Rather than simply linking their Instagram posts to product pages (which they also do), the brand uses the integration to sell products directly on their page.  

This makes it really easy for their followers to shop their products — it just takes a few taps of a finger to check out!

With Later’s Shopify integration, you can connect your store and import your product catalog to your Later dashboard.

So when someone lands on your page, they can immediately add a product to their cart.

Basically, this means you can provide a faster check-out experience and get better visibility into what’s driving your sales.

Shopify stores using will also be able to track sales from Instagram and see exactly how much revenue each post generated through the link in your bio.

You can track revenue from your management page, or view your revenue per post alongside your Instagram analytics in Later.

In other words, Shopify stores can see exactly how much revenue each Instagram post generated through the link in their bio, which is a major help to businesses wanting to measure ROI from Instagram.

Ready to join the ranks of MeUndies, Patagonia, Lush and many more? Upgrade to a Later Busines plan to get connect your Shopify profile and unlock a ton of other perks! 


Sell on Instagram #8: Finisterre

The outdoor apparel space on Instagram is really competitive.

To be successful, you have to post more than product shots — you have to sell an experience. And one of the best ways to do this is by sharing great content that captures your 

Looking for an example? Just check out Finisterre. The UK-based surf clothing brand does an excellent job of selling a lifestyle (not just products) on Instagram:

sell on instagram: finisterre

What we really love about Finisterre’s content is their captivating captions that are full of personality. 

They usually include a fun, short description of the product, and a call-to-action that inspires followers to click the link in their bio.

Note: Mentioning the “link in bio” is important if you want to ensure that your followers are actually clicking the link in your bio and shopping!

This makes it really easy for their followers to find what they’re looking for when they click-through to Finisterre’s page. It’s as simple as finding the post they were looking at, tapping it, and then buying the product.

Ready to turn your Instagram followers into customers? We hope that this post gives you all the Insta-spiration you need to create your own page and sell on Instagram!

Join the +3 million brands that love Later and start driving traffic, and making sales from Instagram with 

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