How Bulk Trader Plans To Empower the World by Transforming E-Commerce Forever – Press Release

Cape Town, South Africa – E-commerce is growing at an alarming rate, by offering a wider range of items for consumers. However, it still accounts for a small fraction of overall sales.

Bulk Trader announces its blockchain powered online marketplace platform dedicated to B2B sales and services. It’s a system designed to connect manufacturers with vendors and retailers, offering products and services in bulk purchase.

Bulk Trader also makes use of the latest technology including AI, search engine optimization, and smart contracts, to make it easier for retailers to purchase goods in bulk.

Right now their pre-ICO sales is live and they’re offering 50% Pre-ICO sale until July 2019.

To purchase tokens and learn more about the project, please visit

In 2018, the B2B e-commerce industry reached 2.8 trillion US dollars for the volume of sales. Even with this achievement, it still accounts for only a tiny percentage of all types of sales.

Reasons for this is because of the challenges faced by e-commerce, especially when retailers can’t get bulk goods to purchase. This forces them to buy products one by one, thereby increasing cost, and reducing profit and sales.

Bulk Trader is filling a huge gap in the global e-commerce marketplace by introducing a platform that connects retailers and vendors with manufacturers, for bulk purchase. Local retailers can buy items from the top retailers close to them, at a lower cost.

Bulk Trader offers a technology that makes it easy for retailers to find the right items their customers want and deliver to them quickly. Also, consumers will have access to a wider range of products at a reduced price.

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With Bulk Trader, consumers in Africa will be able to have access to products at a lower cost since retailers will be buying them in bulk. This will have a positive effect on the economy and the lives of the people.

To ensure the right products get to the retailers and consumers fast and efficient, Bulk Trader has put in place a number of technologically advanced tools and applications.

These include Artificial Intelligence which has been integrated into the marketing system to help meet customer demand, improve customer service, gain an advantage over the competition, and increase revenue. Also, users will have access to powerful digital marketing tools as well as SEO to make it easier to locate new customers that are looking for products to buy.

Apart from marketing tools, Bulk Trader has also installed other services and features on the platform, to keep them ahead of the competition. Features include smart contract, automated task processing, multiple languages, mobile-first approach, secure supply chain, international business, payment and transactions in fiat and cryptocurrency, etc.

Bulk Trader is feeling generous right now as they’re offering 50% Pre-ICO sale until July 2019. It’s the best time to buy the Bulk Trader tokens and get into one of the most promising blockchain and cryptocurrency project designed to empower the world.

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