How Do Professional Audiences Engage with Content on LinkedIn [Infographic]

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LinkedIn offers a range of opportunities for both individuals and brands to boost their professional standing – but in order to capitalize on those opportunities, you need to be creating and sharing content relevant to your target audience.

And that’s always a challenge – you need to understand not only what people want to consume, but how they want to consume it, and where, and on which device/s they’re most active. There are plenty of generic guidelines on this, but each platform is different, and LinkedIn, in particular, requires more specific consideration.

To help boost the resonance of your LinkedIn content efforts, LinkedIn recently surveyed more than 9,000 of their members to get a better understanding of their content engagement preferences.

They’ve compiled their findings into this new infographic, which highlights various key considerations. For example, content consumption on LinkedIn, according to this data, is more about desktop than it is mobile.

Worth considering these key points in your LinkedIn planning. 

How do Professional Audiences Engage with Content on LinkedIn [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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