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Recently I just generated a QR code for my Instagram which I think is pretty cool and helpful, especially for social media influencers or digital marketers I think who want to grow their followers quickly and expand their reach. An Instagram QR Code redirects the scanners straight to your IG account or page. I find it simpler as people no longer have to look for your account. They can only take their smartphones out to scan the QR Code and then they be landed to your page.

What is a QR code?

A QR code stands for ‘Quick Response Code’ and is a 2-dimensional barcode type invented by Denso Wave in 1994. Today QR codes are used a lot to give a digital dimension to a product or flyer that leads to a URL.

How do I generate a QR code for my Instagram?

Generating a QR code for your Instagram account is possible using a QR Code generator online.

(An example of an Instagram QR Code I designed and generated using QRTIGER)

What are the types of QR Code you can create for your Instagram?

You can choose whether to create a Static or Dynamic QR code for your Instagram account.

Static QR Codes are free to create and you can still customize your QR code according to the color you want, the pattern, the eyes, layout or any preferred design for your Instagram QR code like the image above I created which is in a static mode, but, it will not allow you to change your Instagram URL to another URL.

With Dynamic QR codes, it is much more customization you can do because you can change the data behind your QR code. For example, if you create another Instagram account and redirect it to your new IG account, you can do that with Dynamic QR codes by updating your QR code generator online even if your campaign is running and you don’t need to re-print your QR code. Moreover, it will allow you to track your overall number of scans, the location to where you get the most scans, and users device type. 

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Are your scanners using an iPhone or android? At what particular time do you get the highest sales or scans? Which among of your goods or products are failing? Or do you need to do more advertising campaigns? What action should you take?

With Dynamic QR code generator, you will get valuable insights into these things like which of your data campaign are getting the most scans or the ones that are not doing good enough. 

Moreover, you can also track the exact GPS of your QR code that is scanned. Dynamic QR code generator helps you to analyze the profile of your targeted customers in various countries, cities, regions down to areas. This will serve as your metric in tracking the overall success of your QR code marketing!

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