How Highfive Is Revolutionizing the Business Videoconferencing Space


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Hey everyone! In today’s episode, I share the mic with Shan Sinha, founder and CEO of Highfive, a company that sells a video conferencing hardware/software bundle.

When Shan and his partners realized that a typical business meeting these days requires more flexibility to allow everyone to connect to a remote meeting (in person, via laptop, via phone), they saw a problem and set out to solve it: getting people efficiently dialed in to a remote meeting.

Today, Highfive handles over 150,000 videoconferencing meetings per month.

Tune in to hear Shan discuss his tech journey from Microsoft to Highfive, how much he sold his business DocVerse to Google for (who turned it into Google Drive), the difficulties of building a hardware/software company, and what they did to grow their YoY revenue by 170% from last year to this year.

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Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: How Shan Sinha Is Tackling the Videoconferencing Space with His Hardware/Software Biz Highfive TRANSCRIPT

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