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I have no idea.

I am not being funny.

I genuinely have no idea how much money you can make through a high traffic blog.

Nobody can answer this question. Nobody knows you, your money mental blocks, your doubts or fears regarding money, or your confidence and clarity around allowing money into your life.

Some bloggers may point to studies and stats of big time, top earning bloggers. But these are poor examples of how much money *you* can make through your blog. You are different than top bloggers; not better or worse. Maybe you’ve less experience than top bloggers but your story, clarity around money and willingness to render generous services for years or a decade may make you the first blogging billionaire.

Who knows?

If you did become a blogging billionaire it was because you gave 0.10% to thinking about money and 99.99% to generously rendering detached, helpful service.

But beyond that, the number indicating how much traffic flows to and through your blog has little to do with your blogging income. Who knows if each and every person visiting your blog loves your content? Depending on the targeted nature – or lack thereof – of your content, the connection you have with your readers, the sense of community about your blog and the overall engagement of your blog, big numbers may or may not mean big blogging profits.

I recall reading how a blog generating over 600,000 views a day netted a little over $1000 in total earnings for the life cycle of the blog. Number seems stunning, right guys? This is the perfect example of a simple concept: human beings, not numbers, grow your blogging business.

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What about Money?

For some weird reason, human beings equate traffic with money on the blogging front. Someone gets this idea that generating 10,000 visits daily yields $100. Or perhaps drawing in 100,000 visitors monthly means $5000 of blogging profits.

Both these ideas are hare-brained in nature because numbers do not buy products, numbers do not hire bloggers for their services and numbers do not send money to Paypal accounts. Engaged, trusting, aligned humans beings buy products, hire bloggers and send money to Paypal accounts. This is why it behooves you to give your full attention and energy to building strong bonds with human beings, 1-to-1, to foster friendships that encourage trust and a sense of connection. Trusting, genuine readers who buy into you and your blogging message soon buy whatever you have to offer.

This is why running a high traffic blog doesn’t suggest you’ll earn a steady income. Many people visiting your site doesn’t mean a steady number of highly engaged, loyal human beings read your blog regularly.

This is why you need to focus on building quality connections with fellow bloggers to grow your friend network and sharing quality, targeted content to boost your blogging income. Building your network and sharing value helps you get clearer mentally on receiving money; doing good helps you feel good about receiving money for service rendered, if that makes sense. Like you’ll feel and believe yourself to be a blogging pro based on the connections you build and value you share and as you feel and believe in yourself, you’ll have no issues allowing in blogging profits through a wide range of channels.

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Beautiful, how it works.

Your Turn

Do you run a high traffic blog that seems to be a goose egg layer?

Of have you built a steady blogging income with a low traffic, highly targeted blog?

What experiences can you share with our community?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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