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Neil Patel… the man, the myth, the marketing legend.

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Search for anything relating to online marketing or branding online, and you will likely come across one of his sites or articles at the top of the search results. This is no coincidence. Neil Patel started out as a blogging and internet marketer while a teenager, and he is now one of the most sought-after online marketing experts in the world.

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to look at Neil Patel today and think it all came quick and easy. However, just like most success stories, that’s simply not the case. Over time, Neil has perfected his art of online marketing, continued to make the right connections, and also speak at different conferences and connect with other leading marketing experts.

Through thousands of hours of hard work, business and networking, you see the end result today — which is the massive name and brand associated with Neil Patel.

Setting aside for now what Neil has gone through to position himself as an online entrepreneur and marketing thought leader over the years, let’s take a look at his current digital footprint – the key presences that he maintains, what it is exactly makes them loom so large, and what we, as aspiring bloggers, can learn from him. – Neil’s Personal Marketing Blog

When it comes to starting a blog, it’s a pretty simple process. Most people can do this without a problem. It’s the traffic, lead generation and revenue which is the hard part.

The content found on is referenced, cited, and linked back to hundreds of thousands of times across the internet. Not only does this help with his site rankings and traffic, it also helps to grow the “Neil Patel” brand as well. The more mentions and references his site gets, the larger his businesses continue to grow.

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However, Neil doesn’t make money with his blog like most other site owners and brands. You won’t find Google AdSense, product offers or many (if any) affiliate links on the site. Instead, it’s all a content-to-lead generation funnel for his brand and internal business and marketing strategies offered.

Much of what goes into Neil’s blog can be replicated by bloggers like you and me, while much can’t. The majority of his articles loaded with more than 2,000 words of content, resources, graphs and case studies, but they are also loaded with killer backlinks from high authority sites, a massive volume of social activity and likely millions of dollars from Neil himself.

A perfect example of this can be seen in his free SEO backlink checker and keyword research tools. While other solutions like SEMRush and Ahrefs charge upwards of $99 a month to have access to similar tools, Neil invests his own money to create similar (if not better) tools, and them gives them to his audience for free.

You can read more about the software, solutions, and marketing strategies through various Neil Patel review articles online. Whether it’s just readers of his blog, or clients that might be paying thousands of dollars for his expertise, the success here comes down to actively growing your brand and reach online – which Neil has done an amazing job with.

As for monetization and how Neil actually makes money with his business, it’s often through his online courses and high-end consulting via the Neil Patel Digital agency – though you will find nearly all of the content on his site is free for anyone who is willing to take his advice and implement his winning methods for their brands.

Neil Patel’s Massive Following on Social Media

No matter who you are looking to follow on the internet, social media is the best way to accomplish it. Not only is Neil an expert at helping other businesses and brands with their own social media marketing efforts, he is also great with building his own following as well — upwards of a few million across all social platforms.

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Looking at the most popular social platforms that most of us are actively using, Neil has the following subscriber and follower counts:

  • 326,000 followers on Twitter
  • 958,000 fans on Facebook
  • 30,000 followers on Instagram

Not only is Neil great to follow on social media for his insights and expertise, but also to discover the latest trends, software and tools for growing your own business. This can also be seen on his blog, which often features new rotations of calls-to-action, popups, lead generation tools and much more.

Things are always changing for Neil and business practices across all of his sites, so be sure to keep an eye on what changes he might be making, as they might be a great fit for your business as well.

Where to Listen and Watch to Neil’s Best Content Online

As great as written content and blogging is, it takes a lot of time to read articles, and many of us simply don’t have the attention span for all that much of it.

That’s why video and audio are growing at such a massive pace right now. YouTube videos and podcasts are a huge attraction for audiences around the world, and it’s also a huge benefit for personal brands and businesses to better engage and gain the loyalty of their followers.

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Outside of Neil’s blog content, you can also follow his YouTube Channel, which currently has over 30,000 subscribers. He releases new videos all the time, and you will likely see many of his best videos trending on social media, especially if you are already following him on Facebook or Twitter.

Neil also has a podcast at Marketing School, which is co-hosted with Eric Siu. Amazingly enough, the podcast already has over 1,000 episodes and is high enough in quality for anyone to learn something new, while also being short enough to not lose your interest in the process.

In addition to his YouTube Channel and podcast, you will also likely come across Neil at some of the world’s most popular internet marketing and business conferences. Unlike many of the world’s top entrepreneurs, Neil is very approachable and will take the time to meet with anyone who is willing to share a few words.

How Neil Patel Will Continue to Grow His Brand

In the world of business and internet marketing, there really is no such thing as an “overnight success.” Neil Patel’s story might be new to people his discover his blog and content daily, but it’s all been more than a decade in the making.

No matter where the internet is headed in the coming years, or what the new form of content or social media is, you can make a solid bet that Neil Patel will be there to continue to share his expertise while also growing his brand and business in the process.

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