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10 miles?


I just wrapped up another 10 mile run.

I run 10 miles every other day, nose-breathing the entire way to ensure that I coast at my pace and to also develop my lung capacity.

In running, swimming or biking, you often hear top athletes speak of finding their pace.

Not too fast. Not too slow.

Blogging is no different.

Becoming successful through the art of delivering value and making blogging buddies persistently requires you to develop your blogging pace.


Watch this Periscope video I filmed to explain the idea of pace, and the analogy I draw between running and blogging.

Not too Fast

When I run in Central Park during one of our house sits I am often lapped by runners heaving laboriously, sounding as if they will drop dead any second.

This is not only dangerous for their hearts and overall health; it all but ensures these people will burn out at best, or even worse, get a horribly injury.

Meanwhile, I run my 10 miles, easily, nose-breathing the whole way, and I have been known to walk for 100 blocks with Kelli immediately after the run. No big deal. I don’t go too fast. I go at my pace.

No injuries. No burn out. I am like clock work, week after week, coasting through my 10.

Ditto for my blogging journey. I have written and published over 370 blog posts here on Blogging Tips because I have honored my pace, not going too fast, not burning out.

You will experience increasing success the moment you find your calm, confident, continuous blogging pace, not going too fast nor too slow.

Not too Slow

Don’t get it twisted; when finding your blogging pace, you won’t go too slowly.

I am running, not walking, or crawling, nor am I sitting inside the house for weeks at a time because I am not ready for exercise.

I patiently built my pace to where I calmly glide through 10 miles, nose-breathing the whole way.

Sometimes I feel discomfort but move forward; I don’t walk or quit. I keep going. But I am not pushing myself; rather, I am allowing my pace to carry me through the run.

These moments of discomfort are rare for me because I have found my pace and all goes smoothly, naturally and calmly.

Blogging-wise, you can’t go too slowly. Becoming successful requires you to keep going at a decent clip to write posts, guest posts and effective blog comments, over the long haul.

Just Right

When you hit your pace, that super sweet spot, all will feel just right.

Even if you feel uncomfortable at times it won’t be the bone-jarring, shocking discomfort that most folks experience, who do not patiently find their pace.

Hey; you will be scared sometimes. Being highly uncomfortable here and there is required for you to find your pace.

But in the same regard, your success momentum will carry you from day to day, you will outlast virtually all bloggers and you will progressively become more successful as your blogging star shines brightly through the power of persistence.

Like when I am nose-breathing and moving gracefully as I wrap up my 10 mile run, you too will go from success to success without breaking a real sweat, or without burning yourself out.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Finding your pace requires you to leave your comfort zone.

You will not sprint out of your comfort zone, for sprinters go too fast, burn out and have little longevity.

You will not meekly move outside of your comfort zone, waiting weeks or months to write your first guest post, or eBook.

You will boldly but calmly and clearly leave your comfort zone, nudging your fears and delving into scary situations, in order to find your pace.

All success is found outside of your comfort zone.

When you feel and release the fear of desperation, you cease sprinting and move in a more calm, relaxed, controlled but very bold fashion, into your fears, to promote your blogging success.

Your Turn

How are you establishing pace with your blog?

Please share your thoughts below.

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