How to Boost Global Sales with ISEO and Net-Proxy

or multilingual search engine optimization is crucial for a company
looking to enter the global market. One aspect of this service that
you need to keep in mind is that English is not necessarily the
of communication. It may not have a direct relationship
with the language of the country you want to sell your products in.
That’s why it is trickier to determine what the accurate keywords
should be. However, net-proxy and filter meta tags in an ISEO
strategy can come to your rescue.

localized websites

are essentially three ways to manage localized websites when you
globalize your business:

• Website
replication – replicating your website into a different language
will allow you to tap into the customers of the respective country.
For example, you can hire a French
to translate your English site into French. Similarly,
you can replicate the website into German, Italian, or any other

• Content
management systems – unlike website replication where you need to
manage the website content manually, content management systems will
let you manage a multilingual website automatically.

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• Proxy
solution – among all the website translation management systems,
the proxy solution is the most advanced because it uses cloud-based
technology. It appears on the top of your website, and all you have
to do is manage a single language site; the rest will be taken care
of by the proxy solution.

of net-proxy

has fast become a cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs who don’t
want to spend thousands on translation and localization services. It
is fast to set up, and all you have to provide is your website URL.
Here’s what’s going to happen after that:

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• It
will scan your website URL to identify the content it needs to

• Apart
from the descriptive content, it also scans for assets such as
graphics so that it can translate separately.

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• It
will inspect and identify cultural and regional content, currencies,
phone numbers, etc.

• It
also performs standard linguistic testing, functional testing, and
cosmetic testing of the website. This allows you to rectify and edit
any errors that may exist within the multilingual version of the

• Websites
with domestic reviews and feedback continue to exist, but net-proxy
will translate the language to the desired one.

and ISEO

has an integral relationship with your ISEO strategy. It isolates the
website’s meta tags so that the SEO team can focus on linguistic
transcreation. ISEO involves identifying keywords that not only
translating the phrase that best describes your products or services
but also the words that are appropriate for a particular region of
the country.

country like India where there are so many different languages will
be tough to capture. But, if the ISEO and net-proxy go hand in hand,
they will be able to localize the content according to the different
languages spoken in different parts of this country.

before you approach the foreign
, make sure you invest in ISEO and net-proxy services for a
kick-start to your business.

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